“Warriors could’ve won the championship without Draymond Green!”: Dan Patrick asks Warriors star ‘what he brings to the table’ for $164 million max extension

Akash Murty
|Published July 29, 2022

The 6ft 6” Golden State forward, Draymond Green believes he deserves a maximum contract for his future services to the franchise.

Draymond Green has been everything Steve Kerr and The Golden State Warriors wanted him to be, and more. Now he thinks is time that he gets paid for it. And the 32-year-old believes he deserves at least a 5-year $164 million maximum extension.

The Athletic’s Anthony Slater and Marcus Thompson II reported on Wednesday that Green is seeking a maximum contract extension with the Warriors but the team does not plan on offering him.

As reported by Slater and Thompson, Stephen Curry would not be happy if his team ended up losing Green because they were not willing to offer him a max extension and he considers himself, Green and Klay Thompson a package deal.

Dan Patrick though, feels the Warriors did well to keep their core of the multiple All-Star players they drafted more than 10 years back for this long and they should let their point-forward walk because he is asking too much for what he can now bring to the table.

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Dan Patrick thinks the Warriors would have won the 2022 title even without Draymond Green, doesn’t believe he deserves the max contract

In a recent episode of the Dan Patrick Show, the former ESPN analyst talked about how ineffective Draymond was in the 2022 Playoffs and went on to say that the Dubs would have won the championship even without him.

The sports media veteran questioned, “what Draymond brings to the negotiation table when he is asking for a max deal?” He also questioned Green’s increasing inclination towards his broadcasting career alongside his decline on the basketball court. Give this interesting take a listen.

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It is rather too late for Green to ask for a max contract when his team is already way deep ($170 million) into the Luxury Tax bill last year. He might have deserved it a couple of years back when could impact every game consistently.

But now, even though he was great defensively in almost all the regular season games he played, he wasn’t able to carry that to the post-season. And so, if at all Warriors management decides to decline what Green is asking, and he leaves, they wouldn’t be at fault.

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