“Watching Stephen Curry, You Find Yourself Not Focused on Coaching”: Will Hardy Reveals How the Warriors MVP Leaves Coaches in Awe

Advait Jajodia
|Published November 27, 2022

Stephen Curry is impressive, to say the least. While dropping 40 bombs, the Warriors point guard manages to leave several people speechless – his teammates, the fans, the opponents, and even the opponent’s coaching staff.

Will Hardy experienced the Steph Curry show for the first time as a head coach.

On Friday night, the Warriors hosted Lauri Markkanen and co. While grabbing a 129-118 win was Steve Kerr’s boys, with Curry leading the pack with a solid 33-point performance.

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“The way Stephen Curry plays in awe-inspiring”: Will Hardy

After the game, coach Hardy had high praises for the 6-foot-3 GSW sharpshooter.

The 34-year-old head coach spoke about Steph’s abilities and how his game manages to mesmerize everyone. Further, Will revealed that he had to force himself from “just watching Stephen Curry play” and actually put all his attention on coaching his squad. Lauding Chef Curry, he said:

“His ability to think, his ability to adapt within a game is second-to-none. He’s seen every defense known to man. I’ve been in a lot of coach’s meeting(s) where you’re trying to figure out a way to keep Steph Curry under wraps… He’s a really special player.

He’s one of those guys when you’re coaching, there are moments you find yourself having to snap out of it. Like “oh my god, I was just watching Steph Curry play, I wasn’t focused on the game”. The way he plays is awe-inspiring.”

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Steph jumps up on the MVP Ladder

The Warriors had a turbulent start to the season. Now, despite being 10th in the West, the SF-based organization has gathered some momentum by winning 7 of their last 9 games. Curry’s performance has been the main reason for GSW’s recent success.

The 4-time champ has been averaging a staggering 31.7 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 7.1 assists while shooting the ball at an incredibly efficient 52.7/44.5/90.4 split.

In the most-recent MVP Ladder, The Baby-Faced Assassin even jumped up 5 spots and now sits in the 5th position only behind the likes of Doncic, Tatum, Jokic, and Antetokounmpo.

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