“We all think, Oh god Anthony Davis going to see the bathroom, he’s gonna twist his ankle”: Reggie Miller is flabbergasted over The Brow’s April 5th statement

Arjun Julka
|Published June 16, 2022

Pacers legend Reggie Miller throws shade at Anthony Davis for his viral statement of confessing to not having shot a basketball since April 5th.

Post his sensational run in the 2020 Orlando Bubble, Anthony Davis has mightily struggled to keep himself at 100% health. In the past two seasons, AD has only played 76 out of the 153-games conducted. The former champion was spotted wearing street clothes more often than the purple and gold uniform.

AD’s injury woes continue to be a problem for the Lakers, with an aging LeBron James and struggling Russell Westbrook. In what many believed, Davis was the next face of the franchise, which seems highly doubtful now, considering his durability being a consistent drawback.

In what many believe, The Brow is a top-10 talent when healthy. However, the current season saw the likes of big men Nikola Jokic, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Joel Embiid blaze past AD, with his shooting from the free-throw and 3-point line suffering a substantial drop.

Davis was a horrid 18.6% from the 3-point line and 71.3% from the FT line this season.

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During a recent episode of The Dan Patrick Show, Reggie Miller addressed Davis’ recent statement of not having shot a basketball since April 5th.

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“Anthony Davis, This is your job”: Reggie Miller is baffled at the Lakers big man’s recent statements.

A top 5 three-point shooter of all time, Miller was flabbergasted with AD’s recent statement. The Hall of Famer couldn’t fathom Davis having not picked a basketball for over two months, considering the time he has missed in the past two seasons.

“What is this, seriously,” said the Miller. “This is your job. This is why the Lakers were in the predicament they were. LeBron should be like disappointed in this, LeBron is in the front yard of his house shooting with his kids right now.”

Host Dan Patrick had his doubts over Davis’ ability to grind to get better, to which Miller replied the following.

“You have an opportunity to be one of the greatest players and playing for one of the greatest franchise, and right now you’re in the waning years of the best player in your generation in LeBron James.”

Miller added,

“It baffles me when I saw that comment from him cause living in LA, we all think, ‘Oh god he’s going to see the bathroom, he’s gonna twist his ankle and be out a month. That’s how we think out here with Anthony Davis.”

Well, Miller’s statement may come across as a little harsh, but the truth is that Davis has played less than 50% of the games in the last two seasons.

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