“What the hell was Milwaukee Bucks Twitter thinking?”: NBA Twitter pans the 2021 champions’ handle for posting a Grayson Allen gif shortly after Alex Caruso’s injury was confirmed

Amulya Shekhar
|Published January 22, 2022

Whoever runs the Milwaukee Bucks Twitter handle is probably under review right now as NBA fans condemned their now-deleted Grayson Allen gif.

Alex Caruso was on pace for an All-Defensive Team selection at the start of his first Chicago Bulls season. The former Lakers guard was arguably the league’s most valuable perimeter defender till the turn of the year.

However, he’s been in and out of their lineup ever since contracting Covid-19 in the outbreak that affected them in December. Besides suffering the dreaded infection, Caruso also suffered a sprained ankle. The Bald Mamba stayed out of action for an entire month.

His return sparked Chicago to a win over the Cleveland Cavaliers at home. However, disaster struck in his second game back as Caruso went down with a wrist fracture. This occurred due to a frankly risky defensive play by Grayson Allen, called a flagrant 2 by the referees.

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The full extent of that injury was unknown at the time, but Caruso soldiered on for the game. He logged several deflections and played admirably despite the Bulls taking a 90-94 L to the reigning NBA champions.

Milwaukee Bucks Twitter messes up; NBA Twitter responds in kind

The Milwaukee Bucks Twitter handle posted a gif of Grayson Allen eating a donut early this morning. This was taken in bad taste by NBA fans because it was around the same time that Alex Caruso was confirmed to have sustained a wrist fracture.

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More chaos followed as the Bucks handle began taking the deflection approach to all the insults.

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That wasn’t all as the Chicago Bulls achieved the ratio immaculately before the post was removed. The damage, as they say, had long since been done as screenshots made the rounds of the interwebs.

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