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“What Was Steph Doing at 22?”: Tari Eason’s Mother Responds to Sonya Curry’s Comment After Warriors-Rockets Encounter

Trikansh Kher

“What Was Steph Doing at 22?”: Tari Eason’s Mother Responds to Sonya Curry’s Comment After Warriors-Rockets Encounter

Tari Eason’s attempt at trolling the Golden State Warriors went horribly, as Houston went on to collect its third straight loss in a row. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson both had 29 points on the night, per ESPN, as the Warriors took a four-game lead over the Rockets. The Splash Brothers seemed extra-motivated during their outing on Thursday night, something that may have been related to Rockets forward Tari Eason.

Eason, who was sitting out the contest due to a leg injury, decided to wear a T-Shit inspired by the 1979 movie “The Warriors”. Eason’s t-shirt read ” Warriors, come out to play” with the line paying homage to a dialogue in the movie. After the game, Draymond Green and Stephen Curry ‘called out’ Eason, even exchanging words during the contest.


The exchange between the two sides continued on social media, when Stephen Curry’s mother, Sonya Curry commented on an Instagram post showcasing the exchange, asking ” Who is he?”. It’s pretty evident that Sonya Curry was calling out Eason, taking a shot at the 22-year-old. Eason’s mother didn’t take kindly to Curry calling out her son, as she clapped back, posting to X, @teroyaeason[ Tari Eason’s mother] wrote,

” Hey girl! He’s my son. A REALLY good kid. The most effective player in LSU history +holds SEC history. He don’t fear shooters, we a team sport D-up family! He’s built for glory. Don’t listen to me listen to the main reason you win rings. Tari “they better he’s playing” Eason. Xo. “


The Warriors and Rockets have been going at it for some time, with both teams fighting for the last spot in this year’s Play-In Tournament. With both sides exchanging words for some time now, the NBA might just have a new budding rivalry. That said, the Warriors seem to have finalized their position in the table after the Rockets just dropped another game against the Heat.

Moma Eason takes on Dub Nation


Eason’s little exchange with Sonya Curry didn’t go unnoticed by Warrior fans, leading to fans storming Teroya Eason’s post in an attempt to redeem their franchise player. An X user @rrc709, replied to Eason’s post, reminding Eason that,

” I don’t think Tari Eason is really a factor if you still haven’t beat us in four years.”

Eason was quick to lash back at Curry supporters, calling out the Warriors sharpshooter, she said,

” My son hasn’t even played two full seasons and he’s 22. What was Steph doing at 22? What had he done by his 1.5 year in? I have time friend.”

Answering Eason’s question about Curry’s performance at 22, an X user [@WarriorsMuse] shared the following graphic and wrote,

” He was breaking records set by Michael Jordan at 22.”

Moma Eason might have been defeated in the battle of Stats, but her confidence in her son is truly commendable. Though it’s too early to compare between Eason and Curry it’s definitely not an understatement to say that Eason will have a ‘hellish’ time chasing Curry’s shadow, as the 36-year-old continues to add to his list of accolades.

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