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“Who’s ready for Air Jordan NFTs?”: Nike surprises everyone by acquiring an NFT company and announcing their own for the metaverse

Arun Sharma

"Who's ready for Air Jordan NFTs?": Nike surprises everyone by acquiring an NFT company and announcing their own for the metaverse

NFTs and Crypto Currency are all the rage now – Nike has just jumped in on the hype train to start their own for the metaverse

Nike has made its foray into the metaverse by acquiring a virtual shoe manufacturer. It sounds crazy and from the Jetsons, but virtual sneakers are now a reality. A manufacturer known for sports equipment and basketball sneakers in the NBA community, they now have skins for your avatar in the metaverse.

Air Jordans are some of the best selling sneakers for any brand, and they will also be a part of the NFT line-up. Sneaker collection is a clout builder for the younger generation, and so will virtual sneakers. Imagining a future where people watch and play basketball in virtual reality is scary and exciting at the same time.

The new deal will be a collaboration between Nike, Converse, Air Jordan and RTFKT putting out virtual sneakers. There is nothing said about if the sneakers would only be virtual, or would they be tied to a physical release, but only time will tell if that would be the case.

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NFTs are taking over the league as well – Steph Curry, Paul George and Tyrese Haliburton are some of the big names that endorse them

Steph Curry and Paul George are endorsers of Crypto, the former even buying himself a Bored Yacht Bape Club NFT. He also has a stake with a company called FTX, which makes their own NFTs. Both of them are shooting their shot on and off the court.

Tyrese Haliburton went one step ahead of the both of them, and had custom sneakers designed for him to wear on court. It negates the idea of what an NFT is, but he owns it, so who is to ask what he does with it?

It’s really been the talk of the past year and a half, and NBA players and now sports wear manufacturers also are on it now. With Facebook announcing the metaverse, this murky virtual reality future is a lot more muddled.

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Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma


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