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Dennis Rodman Took Help From an $850 Billion Industry Based Marijuana Currency ‘Potcoin’ to Fund North Korea Trip

Akash Murty

Dennis Rodman Took Help From a $850 Million Industry Based Marijuana Currency ‘Potcoin’ to Fund North Korea Trip

Dennis Rodman did not get the name Dennis The Menace for no reason. Even after the 5x NBA champ’s eventful 20-year professional basketball career, The Menace in him stayed awake or even grew stronger.

The favorite athlete and friend of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un became an unchosen diplomat for the United States after his first visit to the East Asian country in 2013.

The Worm carried such importance for the monarch that he got a free pass to promote a marijuana-based cryptocurrency in countries where it comes under banned substances and has some serious repercussions in case of possession.

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When Dennis Rodman wore a ‘Pot’ merch on a summit that featured Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un

Yes, you read that right. Rodman wore a T-shirt that had ‘’ written in big fonts to a summit in Singapore where he arrived as a diplomat before the meeting of US President Donald J. Trump and N.Korea’s Kim Jong-Un.

Not only marijuana is banned in Singapore and the accused can face a maximum death penalty for it, but it is also a controlled substance in North Korea that comes in the category of cocaine and heroin.

The courage in this man knew no boundaries.

Why would Rodman risk something that atrocious?

The cryptocurrency market had a value of about $850 billion at the start of 2018. The cannabis market had an estimated value to become a $22 billion market by 2022.

Rodman had his trips to Asia sponsored by That is the reason why the 6ft 7”, former Bulls and Pistons star wore their merchandise. He even made them a reported 60% short-term bump in their value at the time.

Having lost most of his career earnings, $500,000 worth, Rodman could have made some serious money had he bought some stake in his sponsors. Maybe he did but smoked that money as well.

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Akash Murty

Akash Murty


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