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“Wowww, you know what, that’s a Bikram Yoga stretch”: When Kobe Bryant schooled Jason Whitlock for his bizarre question

Arjun Julka

"Wowww, you know what, that’s a Bikram Yoga stretch": When Kobe Bryant schooled Jason Whitlock for his bizarre question

Lakers legend Kobe Bryant schooled sports journalist Jason Whitlock for beating around the bush while asking a question during the 2011 NBA All-Star. The Black Mamba gave a hilarious Bikram Yoga reference to it.

Though Kobe Bryant was one of the most intense competitors in NBA history, he did have a funny side to him as well. The Black Mamba dominated the hardwood for 20-years, winning five championships, two Finals MVPs, and two scoring champions.

Kobe’s work ethic and competitive drive were unquestionable, with many regarding him as inhuman. A case in point, iconic flinch moment involving Matt Barnes. However, Kobe came across as the opposite person during his interviews, especially with popular talk show hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen.

Thus the Mamba did have a funny side to him. Kobe fooling around with reporters during post-match media interactions was proof of him having a sense of humor.

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However, one of his most iconic media interactions came during a Q & A session involving Jason Whitlock. Kobe couldn’t fathom how Whitlock framed his question.

Kobe Bryant calls Jason Whitlock’s question silly.

The 2011 NBA All-Star took place in LA. The city was having a great year with the Lakers winning the back-to-back NBA championship. The face of the purple and gold franchise, Kobe Bryant had won two consecutive MVPs.

The 2011 All-Star weekend marked Kobe’s 13th straight appearance at the annual event. The Mamba received the highest votes and would do justice to it by winning the All-Star MVP award.

During a post-game Q & A session, Kobe spoke about how he enjoyed playing with a young Russell Westbrook and Blake Griffin. As the session proceeded, journalist Jason Whitlock asked Kobe a question in light of his statement of enjoying playing with young players.

However, the Speak for Yourself host seemed hesitant to put his question directly, going circles. That would leave Kobe in complete disbelief.

The interaction was as follows,

“Kobe,” Whitlock said, “not to twist your words or read too much into what you said, but being around young players energized you — that’s not a statement about maybe you’d like to see some young players on your team?”

Kobe reacted with a prolonged “Wowwwww” to the question.

“You know what, that’s a Bikram Yoga stretch,” Bryant said. “You stretched the hell out of that … good job. Good job. I’m not even gonna answer that, that’s just silly. Next.”

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Kobe’s no-nonsense attitude extended beyond the NBA hardwood as well. The superstar had his unique ways of calling out idiocracy.

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Arjun Julka

Arjun Julka


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