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“You’ll believe Ethan Strauss over me?”: Kevin Durant blasts Warriors fans for running a narrative that the Stephen Curry love made him jealous and want to leave

Amulya Shekhar

"Kyrie Irving needs a better team around him": Kevin Durant fires back at hater on Twitter with a ‘man with no bed’ picture for mocking his 73-9 Warriors decision

Kevin Durant keeps taking Ws by exposing some terrible media narratives about the 2016-2019 Warriors. Ethan Strauss got the worst of it.

Ethan Strauss released a book named ‘The Victory Machine: Making and Unmaking of the Warriors Dynasty’. This book caught many readers by surprise with its outrageously gossip-filled content.

This book got basically everyone talking during the pandemic about how Kevin Durant didn’t like it in Oakland. It aimed shots at basically everyone associated with the organization except Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

Strauss is a writer for The Athletic whom KD put on blast in public view back in January 2019. So there’s a history of animosity between the beat writer and the 2-time Finals MVP.

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Strauss’ book did practically as much damage to KD’s character in the public as anything. But Kevin Durant is not going to take it lying down any longer.

“You’ll believe Ethan Strauss over me?”: Kevin Durant blasts Warriors fans

KD went on Clubhouse live today with a few NBA and Warriors fans. One of the fans talked to him about all the reasons the media quoted to the public regarding why he left Golden State for Brooklyn. Durant was not pleased with how these fans had basically taken Strauss at his word, but not KD himself:

“I’m starting to feel like y’all are really insecure about what the media says about Steph. Y’all are the insecure ones projecting it all on me. Why do I give a shit about what people got to say about Steph?”

“Over time, y’all just got irritated by the media and tried to blame that s*** on me. Show me any instance of me being pis*ed off about not getting love from fans at the arena. Ever.”

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“I’ve seen my jersey all around the arena. Everybody in the Bay Area showed me love and they never talked about that, so where did that come from?”

“Ethan Strauss wrote a book saying I was pis*ed about how I didn’t get any love from the fans. I’m jealous of Steph and Mo Speights, like, you believe Ethan Strauss over me?”

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