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“You’re not Kyle Kuzma, you’re just a wannabe!”: Kid refused to recognize former Lakers’ star at his own basketball camp

Raahib Singh
|Thu Jul 14 2022

Wizards’ Kyle Kuzma once had the funniest interaction with a kid at his basketball camp who refused to acknowledge the star

Sports should be a key part of any kid’s life, and that is a message shared by all pro-athletes worldwide. Often, players host summer camps for kids to give back to the community. With the help of these summer camps, the players get a chance to give back and influence several young, impressionable minds.

Kuzma decided to do just the same when he joined the Lakers. Kuz returned to his hometown, Flint, Michigan, throughout his first two offseasons with the team. There, he had over 500 kids attend the camp over the two offseasons. As a kid, Kuz always wanted to hold camps of his own, and playing for the Lakers gave him a chance to do just the same.

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Giving back must feel incredible, but holding camps has its own moments too. Kuz experienced the same when a kid refused to believe who he was.

“You ain’t Kyle Kuzma!”: Kid at basketball camp

If one goes to a Kyle Kuzma camp, you would assume they’d know who Kuz is, right? So did Kyle, and boy, was he taken aback when that turned out to be false. When he held the camp in 2019, a kid walked up to him and asked where Kyle Kuzma was.

Kuz tried telling the kid that he was him, but the kid refused to believe the same. He even claimed that Kuz was ‘a wannabe imposter’.

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That must have been a hilarious moment for Kuz, and the trainers present there. One championship later, I’m sure every kid at his camp would now know who Kuzma is.

Kuz is now with the Wizards, where he served as Bradley Beal’s #2 last season. He would hope to do the same and help out Beal as they try to get the Wizards back in the playoffs.

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