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NFL Analysts Raise Concerns About Bengals Surpassing the Peak Joe Burrow Phase

Anushree Gupta

Joe Burrow Using His Time Off the Field to Learn the Defensive Side of the Ball After Season Ending Injury

Over the years, Joe Burrow has earned his way onto the elite quarterback list. From triumphing over Patrick Mahomes in the playoffs to leading the Bengals to the Super Bowl, Burrow has done plenty. However, as the star QB enters his fifth year, pundits are sounding the alarm about his future trajectory in the league. In a recent conversation, Nick Wright and Colin Cowherd discussed his comeback from injury, answering one important question in particular: Does he still have what it takes to drive the Bengals?

On the ‘Colin Cowherd Podcast‘, Nick Wright brought up Joe Burrow’s recurring injuries and the potential absence of key players, going into the 2024 season. He then posed a question to the host, saying, “Are you at all worried that because of his injury and now the Bengals — probably going to lose Tee Higgins — we maybe have already seen the best of Joe Burrow?”

Surprisingly, Colin Cowherd didn’t entirely dismiss these concerns. While he doesn’t believe Burrow has surpassed his peak yet, he acknowledged the need for the Bengals to consider drafting another quarterback as insurance, particularly given Burrow’s injury history.

“I do think; one more injury, and the Bengals have to draft another quarterback near the top/first/second/third round… I think that’s becoming a reality,” he said, adding, “Last year, the Falcons had no good quarterbacks and couldn’t win a bad division. This year they’ll have the two best quarterbacks.”

Burrow, who is making a comeback, might need some time to settle, and with the departure of players like Mixon and Boyd, there’s much uncertainty in the air.

Colin Cowherd Breaks Down the Bengals QB Situation with Joe Burrow

Colin Cowherd has weighed in on the growing discussion surrounding the Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback situation. He believes that one more significant injury to Joe Burrow would need an emergency plan in the Bengals’ QB room. Cowherd emphasized:

“You’ve got to have at least a backup now… I think Burrow is going to have to own it: ‘Hey, this team needs a backup.’ Not a sixth-rounder, maybe a third-rounder when we have other needs. So, I think that’s a real discussion that Joe and the Bengals have to have.”

This analysis comes as Burrow navigates through a series of challenges since his first year in the NFL. From dealing with the pandemic as a rookie to overcoming injuries like a torn ACL, an appendix removal, and a calf strain, the star QB has faced a myriad of adversities head-on. Despite these setbacks, the 2019 Heisman winner has quickly emerged as a contender in the AFC, challenging the likes of Patrick Mahomes.

With the support of talented receivers like Ja’Marr Chase and potentially Tee Higgins, who is expected to return to Cincinnati next season, Burrow has a strong supporting cast. As long as everyone stays healthy, he is poised to finally have a settling year and be a frontrunner in the MVP conversation.

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