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2024 NFL Draft: Emmanuel Acho Crowns This Team as the ‘Biggest Winner’ of the 3-Day Event

Yagya Bhargava

2024 NFL Draft: Emmanuel Acho Crowns This Team as the 'Biggest Winner' of the 3-Day Event

When it comes to the NFL Draft, few teams or executives command the spotlight like Howie Roseman and the Philadelphia Eagles. Known for his bold moves, Roseman didn’t disappoint at the 2024 draft as his deals turned quite a few heads. Interestingly, this strategy paid off as Emmanuel Acho gave an intriguing analysis of their draft success on “SPEAK,” and claimed that the Eagles were the ultimate victors of the event.

Acho’s declaration of the Eagles as the draft’s “biggest winner” stems from their sharp picks, securing three immediate and versatile starters. They snagged Quinyon Mitchell following their pressing need for a cornerback to complement Darius Slay.

Then, the Eagles landed Iowa’s Cooper DeJean, a top DB prospect in this year’s NFL draft, before drafting Jalyx Hunt, a promising edge rusher who could surpass veterans like Josh Sweat and Huff.

What Howie Roseman did was once again marvelous, it was once again miraculous. The Eagles found instant-impact players. They filled most of, all of, their positions of need. And they filled those positions of need early on in the draft. So I believe, the Philadelphia Eagles were the biggest winners of the draft.” Added Emmanuel Acho.

During his analysis, Emmanuel Acho praised the Eagles for beefing up their running back options, especially considering Saquon Barkley‘s injury history. On top of it, the sports analyst was also impressed by the team drafting Jeremiah Trotter Jr., son of the Eagles legend, further enhancing their roster with a nod to franchise history.

Eagles’ Howie Roseman Gets Real On His 2024 NFL Draft Approach

The Philadelphia Eagles took an unconventional route in their NFL draft strategy, opting for talent beyond the Power Five conferences. Despite the unconventional approach, general manager Howie Roseman defended his picks citing the depth of talent in over 400 scouting reports. This bold move could definitely shape their journey towards building a Super Bowl-worthy roster.

Roseman’s stance offered a nuanced view of the Eagles’ draft strategy, per Fox 43. Even though there was potential skepticism over their unconventional picks, he underscored their priority: selecting the best talent, regardless of conference. He also downplayed the idea of a sweeping trend, crediting their choices to unique circumstances rather than a shift in drafting norms.

Once you draft them, it’s what they do in the NFL. We bring them in here and we talk about it a lot, we got to develop the player and the person. We’re still talking about a young guy coming to Philadelphia, and I think at this point it’s all what he does from here. Whatever happened pre-draft, none of that matters. Wherever they’re picked, none of that matters.” Howie Roseman added.

Roseman covered all bases in the 2024 NFL Draft, including tackling the weaknesses upfront, bolstering depth, and securing future picks. It’s no wonder he’s regarded as one of the league’s top GMs, given his stellar moves over the weekend. Great job all around!

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