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7 Must-Watch Fixtures a True New York Jets Fan Cannot Afford To Miss In 2024

Anushree Gupta

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The anticipation surrounding the New York Jets for the 2024 NFL season is already building up, especially with the return of Aaron Rodgers at the helm. As the Jets prepare to re-attempt Aaron Rodgers’ debut with New York after his recovery, fans need to mark their calendars for seven fixtures that promise to deliver.

Week 1: 49ers vs Jets

Week 1 kicks off with a bang as the Jets face the SB LVIII runner-up San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football. The game is nothing less than a high-stakes showdown that will give a preview of the team’s performance for the season ahead. The unmatchable defense led by Nick Bosa, will have Rodgers and the revamped offensive line attempting an early test.

Week 6 & 17: Bills vs Jets

Week 6 and 17 bring two highly anticipated clashes against divisional rivals, the Jets and the Buffalo Bills. These matchups are not only battles for AFC East dominance but will also see Rodgers go against the Bills’ double-threat quarterback, Josh Allen.

The stakes for the New York team will touch the sky as the Jets look to make a mark in the division and redeem themselves from the setbacks of the last season.

Week 7: Steelers vs Jets

Week 7 presents another challenge for the Jets as they go toe-to-toe against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football. The Steelers, with veteran Russell Wilson, will present an updated challenge for Rodgers and the Jets’ offensive unit.

How they cope against one of the league’s toughest defenses will decide how they perform further to keep championship aspirations.

Week 9: Jets vs Texans

Week 9 will see another spectacle present itself, as the veteran Rodgers takes on the Houston Texans’ rookie CJ Stroud on Thursday Night Football. It’s an opportunity for Rodgers to prove his dominance with experience over the reigning Rookie of the Year, and lead his team to victory under the national spotlight.

However, all eyes will also be on CJ Stroud as he sets foot in his second year with a chance to make a statement and reassert his growth in the league.

Week 14 & 18: Dolphins vs Jets

Week 14 and 18 see the Jets seeking further redemption against the Miami Dolphins, who gave them embarrassing defeats in the previous season. With playoff berths hanging in the balance by Week 18, these games will be a must-win for the Jets.

The season finale, in particular, could prove to be a moment of extreme importance in determining the Jets’ playoff position after a season of intense rivalries.

Take a look at their intense matchups and loaded schedule in the  2024 regular season:

With six fascinating games and a London matchup, New York’s schedule is studded with high-profile games that might just deliver the thrill that defines the NFL.

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