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Amidst Rumors of Gisele Bundchen’s Romance, Tom Brady Shows Off His Bulged Up Biceps After Hitting the Gym

Aniket Srivastava

Amidst Rumors of Gisele Bundchen's Romance, Tom Brady Shows Off His Bulged Up Biceps After Hitting the Gym

It has been almost 18 months since Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen amicably parted ways, but they’re ruling the spotlight even today. However, the recent buzz around the former couple sparked when news broke out that the Brazilian supermodel,43, has found love once again and has been in a relationship for the past few months.

Gisele’s new partner happens to be her jiu-jitsu instructor, Joaquim Valente, a longtime acquaintance of both her and Brady. Page Six has reported that Gisele and Joaquim are frequently spending time with each other, especially at Gisele’s Miami home, with recently Joaquim getting spotted walking her dog. Moreover, the outlet’s source has even confirmed that Gisele and her fling shared a passionate kiss on Valentine’s Day in their Miami neighborhood.

While there’s a lot of chatter about Gisele’s connection with her jiu-jitsu trainer, NFL fans and the media are eagerly awaiting any response from Tom Brady, her ex and former New England Patriots quarterback. While it’s highly unlikely for him to speak up about this, it’s evident that he, too, is moving forward from his past relationship and focusing on the future. Nevertheless, amidst all the chaos, the former NFL star made headlines for an entirely different reason.

Lately, pictures of the seven-time Super Bowl champ have been making waves online, showcasing Brady’s beefed-up biceps post-gym session. Sporting a white tee, black shorts, and a cap, he left the gym with a bag and bottle in hand, stirring up excitement in the NFL community.

The seven-time Super Bowl champ has always been dedicated to fitness, and his impressive biceps have been a standout feature since his younger years. Even though Tom Brady has retired from the NFL, he is still as fit as ever at 46. Moreover, Brady has made a few dating headlines of his own after getting spotted hanging out with Russian model Irina Shayk.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen Prioritize Co-Parenting Amidst Relationships Rumors

Tom Brady seems to be coming to terms with his ex-wife’s new relationship with Joaquim Valente. Reports suggest that Brady has acknowledged that their romance started even before he and Gisele officially parted ways. Despite any personal feelings he may have, Brady is focusing on co-parenting with Gisele and ensuring a smooth transition for their family.

The former NFL star seems willing to maintain a positive relationship with Valente for the sake of their children, showing maturity and a commitment to their well-being. Both Brady and Bündchen are adapting and prioritizing their family’s needs, despite any personal challenges they may face.

In addition, Tom Brady is entering the world of broadcasting and recently announced that he is joining Fox as their top NFL game analyst for 2024. He will replace the former tight end Greg Olsen, who will now be on the No. 2 team. He will team up with Fox’s best play-by-play announcer Kevin Burkhardt, showing his potential to shine in his post-retirement career.

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