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Antonio Brown Predicts Exciting NFL Reunion With Tom Brady Amid Comeback Buzz

Nidheesh Kumar

Antonio Brown and Tom Brady

Despite no shortage of controversies and no clear sign of interest from all 32 teams, Antonio Brown still wishes to make a comeback to the league. And he now wants to do it with his former QB teammate, Tom Brady. The 35-year-old wideout made his stand clear when reacting to TB12’s comment on potential un-retirement. He reposted coverage of the same development, and tweeted, ‘Tom Brady x AB reunion’, sparking all sorts of reactions, although chances are potentially slim.

Earlier, the seven-time Super Bowl winner appeared on a YouTube show, ‘DeepCut’, where he said that he is “not opposed” to a comeback. However, he expressed skepticism about its likelihood due to his ongoing deal with the Las Vegas Raiders, according to Marca.

Nevertheless, despite AB’s tweet that reeks of optimism, the duo is unlikely to reunite in the NFL for clear reasons. TB12’s response was not a sign of a comeback like the NFL world saw it in 2022, but an admission that he would make a comeback if the situation demanded it in the Super Bowl. He also noted three specific teams that he would consider returning to: the 49ers, the Patriots, and the Raiders.

And it’s safe to say that none of these teams would be interested in AB. In addition, his controversial stance on Tom Brady in recent times isn’t something any franchise would welcome. 

Tom Brady Blocks Antonio Brown On X

Hours after his tweet, AB admitted that his former teammate and close friend Tom Brady had apparently blocked him on X. “Only person in the world blocked by both Tom Brady and Joe Biden,” the former NFL star quipped. Earlier, AB branded Tom Brady as ‘selfish’, as per DailyMail, but the latter remained tight-lipped so the controversy didn’t escalate negatively. Moreover, the former Patriots QB seems to be putting his foot down and making it known that he wants nothing to do with Brown.

Despite these controversies, Tom Brady tried to lend a helping hand to his former teammate last year. Some of the leaked texts he sent to Brown signify his genuine concern; however, AB overlooked them and continued his veiled digs at Brady, even bringing his ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen, into the mix.

You have a chip on your shoulder. And the mental/emotional ultimately defines the best of us. I face it a lot. Why are people so critical and hating? Why is it fair? I believe it’s because I/we handle it although it’s hard. That resilience will be tested every day. Don’t give in. You can handle it. And when you aren’t feeling great, call me!” Brady’s leaked message to Antonio Brown read, as per

So the question remains: why is Antonio Brown targeting Brady? The former Steelers man has never answered it publicly. He did, however, once admit that his former friend TB12 wasn’t happy with the way Brown handled things and cut his ties with him by no longer communicating through their mutual friend.

Yeah, I was a little troll, I think. I turned into a troll, I think. We used to talk to a mutual friend, Jeff Sofra. We haven’t talked in a while, I’m sure he was a little upset,” Antonio Brown confessed, as reported by Marca.

A potential reunion is unlikely, as Tom Brady would look forward to his Raiders ownership and Antonio Brown would be keen on expanding his media company, CTESPN Network, which recently broke major NFL trades, Yahoo Sports reports. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen if Antonio Brown will extend a public apology to Tom Brady to rekindle their friendship.

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