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Bucs Safety Antoine Winfield Jr’s NFL Vet Father Demands a Pro Bowl Recount: “Ain’t No Way in Hell Buddha Baker Goes to the ProBowl”

Aniket Srivastava

Bucs Safety Antoine Winfield Jr's NFL Vet Father Demands a Pro Bowl Recount: "Ain't No Way in Hell Buddha Baker Goes to the ProBowl"

As the regular season is about to wrap up, evaluations for teams and players are underway. Some teams have secured playoff spots with stellar performances, and exceptional players have earned spots in the 2023 Pro Bowl selections. Even though all the selected players are deserving, a three-time Pro Bowl veteran seems discontent.

The NFL star in question is Antoine Winfield Jr.’s dad, Antoine Sr., a former Vikings cornerback. He was genuinely shocked when he learned that, despite his son performing exceptionally well, he didn’t make the Pro Bowl cut.

Moreover, it’s quite surprising that this season, only one player from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made it to the Pro Bowl. WR Mike Evans is the sole player to represent the Buccaneers at the NFL’s prestigious all-star game on February 4th at Camping World Stadium in Orlando.

Winfield Sr. expressed his disappointment, believing that his son should have been selected instead of Arizona’s Budda Baker. He backed up his claims by comparing the statistics of the two safeties in an Instagram post, showing how his son stacked up against Baker’s. While demanding a recount, the former cornerback wrote in the caption,

@nfl somebody has some explaining to do!!! Ain’t NO WAY in H*LL Buddha Baker goes to the Pro Bowl ahead of My lil man with NO STATS. I know how important Pro Bowls are on the Resume & it just so happens to be his Contract year. We ain’t going for the Bulls**t. Somebody Need to Holla at me.”

Upset and using fiery emojis, he expressed disbelief that Budda Baker made it to the Pro Bowl ahead of his son, especially considering his son’s superior stats. He also highlighted the significance of Pro Bowls for a player’s resume, especially since it’s his son’s contract year.

The comparison revealed that Budda Baker didn’t tally any interceptions, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries, or sacks this season. On the flip side, Winston Jr. showcased impressive numbers with 3 interceptions, 5 forced fumbles, 4 fumbles recovered, and 5 sacks. This stark contrast in performance brings up a serious question about how the Pro Bowl selection process operates.

Fans Call Out Flaws in Pro Bowl Selection Process

Upon witnessing the comparison, fans too joined in the discussion regarding the Buccaneers’ safety missing out on the Pro Bowl. They argued that the Pro Bowl seemed flawed, suggesting that even outstanding stats couldn’t secure him a spot.

One fan stated, “Proves the Pro Bowl has turned into a complete popularity contest. Has to be on the all-pro team”

A frustrated fan said, “It’s f**king insane how the best safety in football doesn’t make the f**king pro bowl.”

This one noted, “Pro bowl nothing but a popularity contest that shows that most people don’t know ball. Don’t worry Bucs fans know he’s played at a DPOTY level all season and we’ll be more than happy if the Bucs are smart and gives him the money he has earned this offseason, and we get to watch his career for the next 10+ years.”

A different one mentioned, “Exactly bro wtf, Winfield literally has the best stats out of all safeties “

One social media user said, “Now that’s dead a** wrong. The #probowlvote system is so flawed”

Antoine Winston Sr. wasn’t the only one unhappy with the selection process this year. Denver Broncos QB Russell Wilson expressed surprise at the Pro Bowl exclusion of his WR Courtland Sutton, despite Sutton tallying 10 receiving touchdowns.

There were 44 Pro Bowl picks from each conference this season, and the San Francisco 49ers had the most with nine players selected. Surprisingly, the Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, and Washington Commanders didn’t have any players picked for this season’s Pro Bowl.

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