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Calvin Johnson Net Worth: Calvin Johnson’s Salary, Contract & Career Earnings

Arjun Sukumaran

Calvin Johnson

The NBA All-Star Game is almost here, and NFL fans will be excited to see one of their own players’ names on the roster. Calvin Johnson, former wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, will be playing in Friday’s game. The 9-year veteran has given the league some memorable and some not-so-memorable moments, including the now infamous “Calvin Johnson rule”. Though, how much has all this earned him?

Calvin Johnson, born in 1985, started playing football as early as high school. He attended the Georgia Institute of Technology, playing as a receiver for the Yellow Jackets. In 3 years, he played in 38 games, catching for almost 3,000 yards and scoring 28 touchdowns. Though his presence in rushing plays was minimal, managing 40 yards and a single touchdown throughout.

The Detroit Lions picked Johnson with their 2nd pick in round one of the 2007 NFL Draft. This made him the highest-ever drafted Yello Jackets player. Though many expected them to trade Johnson almost immediately, the Lions decided to keep him. After holding out for almost 8 days, Johnson finally signed a 6-year, $64 million contract with the Lions.

He spent the next 9 years of his life in Detroit, making a statement in the league. The 6ft 5in receiver was the perfect blend of size, speed, and agility. In 135 games for the Lions, he managed to catch for around 11,600 yards and score 83 touchdowns, including a massive 96-yard touchdown against the Houston Texans in 2008.

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How much money has Calvin Johnson accumulated during his NFL years?

Calvin Johnson signed two different contracts with the Lions. The first one was his rookie contract, worth around $64 million. The second came in 2012 in the form of an 8-year extension worth $132 million. However, he decided to retire from active football in 2016, just 5 years into his new contract. The Lions forced him to return $1.6 million of his signing bonus as a penalty, and relations have been sour ever since.

Even with the penalty, Johnson has earned quite a lot from his stint with the Lions. Apart from that, he now also manages medical cannabis dispensaries and is on the board of directors of the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association. He also started a charitable institution named “The Calvin Johnson Jr. Foundation” in 2008, which provides holistic development of “at-risk youth”.

All that said and done, Johnson still has a lot of green left in his pocket. According to Celebrity Net Worth (H/T Marca), Johnson’s net worth amounts to over $45 million. A steady sum that can definitely keep all his endeavors afloat for a very long time.

Johnson’s feud with the Lions also seems to be improving a bit. He recently admitted, “We’re trending up. We’re trying to come together and make something happen. Obviously, I’d love to be around the team and do more things there and help the guys out. It’s good that we’re moving in the right direction”. Will we see them reunite once again, to the delight of the Detroit fans?

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