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Does the NBA All-Star Game matter: Are All-Star Game Stats Counted in Player’s Achievements?

Akash Murty

Does the NBA All-Star Game matter: Are All-Star Game Stats Counted in Player’s Achievements?

Since NBA started its annual exhibition game featuring a combined 24 stars from both the conference back in 1951, a couple of questions always trouble some fans, “does the NBA All-Star Game matter?”, and “do All-Star Game stats count?”.

Well, the players who work all their childhood and then adulthood to become an All-Star would surely tell you it matters, as most of them don’t even make one All-Star team throughout their careers.

Let’s dive in and get the answers for both.

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Does the All-Star Game matter? All about All-Star Game stats and player achievements

As we just said, All-Star Game is just an annual exhibition game. This game is organized by the NBA as a fun event between the 24 best players in the league from both — the Eastern and Western conferences (12 from each).

These players do have the inspiration to be the best among the best but none of them puts all-in effort into winning an All-Star game MVP award, except for maybe, Kobe Bryant earlier and Giannis Antetokounmpo these days.

Although to be selected as an All-Star is one of the biggest honors for a player, how much they average in their career All-Star appearances is of slight importance. Even, not getting selected as a starter doesn’t reflect on anybody’s resume, neither in nor in Basketball Reference.

Apart from the honor of being remembered as an n-time All-Star, there’s no particular weightage for an All-Star selection or playing in the All-Star game. All-Star Game MVP can also be seen in one’s resume.

So, there’s that one thing that matters in an All-Star game.

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The changes in this year’s All-Star event

Over the past few years, the format of this game has changed, and currently, it’s not an East vs West match-up anymore. Although the selection criteria of the 24 players remain somewhat the same.

The list of each conference’s top-5 vote-getters (3 forwards, 2 guards) gets out the first cumulative of players, fans, and media votes. The top vote-getters from each would select the players from either conference to play in their teams on the game day.

I, personally, enjoyed the All-Star event when it used to be East vs. West. Despite the lack of effort by the players on defense, it used to be a little competitive.

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