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Cam Newton Provides Candid Reaction to Shedeur Sanders’ $99,990 Cybertruck Purchase

Yagya Bhargava

Cam Newton Provides Candid Reaction to Shedeur Sanders' $99,990 Cybertruck Purchase

CU quarterback Shedeur Sanders is basking in NIL money, and his new whip is a testament to that. It is a Tesla Cybertruck with a price tag of $99,990, and the 22-year-old playmaker couldn’t help but flaunt it with a brief clip. He can be seen grooving in front of the beast of a truck, which even caught the attention of Cam Newton.

Cam sees the video as a source of motivation for young athletes, despite Shedeur facing a bit of flak for it. The former NFL star appreciates young athletes like the aspiring QB living their best lives and believes that the latter shouldn’t face criticism for living a life of luxury—a luxury life that he has earned himself. Interestingly, when pondering his own college days, and if he had NIL money, Cam envisioned cruising in style with a rugged SUV like a Cadillac Escalade or a Chevrolet Tahoe, rather than something like a Cybertruck.

I’m simple bro, just give me an SUV. Tahoe, Escalade,” Cam Newton said. “That’s (Tesla) not my preference, but that don’t mean I don’t really like it. Contrary to what a person may think, like, I’m a fashion guy. Cars and shi*t like that ain’t me.”

Moreover, the former Panthers QB’s flair for fashion would have steered his college spending spree toward stylish attire and signature colognes, as he loves exuding confidence and charm.

Nevertheless, Cam encouraged Shedeur to own his success and added that the video should inspire others to aspire for greatness, proving that if Shedeur can make it happen, so can they.

Meanwhile, the standout college athlete continues to make waves with his off-field endeavors. His impressive garage showcases an array of luxury vehicles, from the sleek Corvette Stingray to the powerful Dodge Durango Hellcat. And now, his latest acquisition, the Cybertruck, just underscores his bold and forward-thinking approach to life and style.

Unique Features of Shedeur Sanders’ ‘First in Colorado’ Tesla ‘Cyberbeast’

While the exact cost of Shedeur’s Cybertruck remains undisclosed, estimates suggest that the Cyberbeast model that he opted for is priced at $99,990. This high-performance variant caught the star quarterback’s eye, offering impressive features such as an 11,000-pound towing capacity, an estimated range of 340 miles, and a lightning-fast acceleration of 2.6 seconds from 0 to 60 MPH.

Shedeur’s Cybertruck boasts several features that justify its price tag. With its durable build and electronically adaptive air suspension, this truck can navigate any terrain effortlessly. The ultra-hard stainless-steel exoskeleton reduces damage and corrosion, ensuring easy repairs.

Its armor glass offers protection against impacts, while the impressive towing capacity and spacious storage make it practical for hauling cargo. Inside, the Cybertruck provides a modern and comfortable cabin equipped with advanced technology features and entertainment options, per

With its combination of durability, ample storage space, and cutting-edge technology, the Tesla Cyberbeast stands out as a dream car and Deion Sanders might be proud to see his son Shedeur get his hands on potentially one of the most iconic trucks of all time.

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