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Charissa Thompson Gives Dating Advice To Fellow Sports Reporter After Two Failed Relationships

Anushree Gupta

Charissa Thompson Gives Dating Advice To Fellow Sports Reporter After Two Failed Relationships

Renowned NFL sideline reporter Charissa Thompson rules hearts with her commentary and analysis on Amazon Prime’s  Thursday Night Football. Although her 15-year career has grown consistently, a lot of it has been overshadowed by her struggles, including two failed marriages. Consequently, Thompson revealed a lot in a heart-to-heart conversation with Erin Andrews on the ‘Calm Down‘ podcast.

Throwing light on her relationships, Charissa Thompson talked about how she went wrong in choosing her previous husbands. Furthermore, she highlighted some bitter experiences from her married life before imparting invaluable wisdom on the delicate balance between love and career.

In a candid exchange, Thompson recounted her journey, cautioning against rushing into relationships with the hope that it will provide professional stability.

“Don’t be in a rush,” she advised, reflecting on her past marriages. “Because I thought that really early on, professionally was going to be great for me because then I wasn’t distracted and I had this, you know, constant at home and I married the wrong person. Then later I married the wrong person again.”

Moreover, Charissa Thompson emphasized the significance of selecting a partner who embraces the unique challenges inherent in the life of a sports reporter. Drawing from her own experiences, she stressed the importance of dating organically and prioritizing compatibility.

“I would let it happen naturally and date when it worked around my schedule because I was making and continued to make at times my job more of a priority,” she remarked, highlighting her ongoing quest for balance.

Thompson’s relationship with sports agent Kyle Thousand lasted two years, but her commitment to authenticity and growth, both personally and professionally, continued. Moreover, despite her past, the 41-year-old has not given up on love and has even made her current relationship with Steven Cundari Instagram official.

Exploring Charissa Thompson’s Romantic Journey: From Jay Williams, Kyle Thousand to Steven Cundari

In 2013, Charissa Thompson found herself entwined in a romance with former Chicago Bulls star Jay Williams. Williams was known as a legendary figure from the Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball team. Nevertheless, their relationship proved fleeting, and they eventually parted ways. Since then, Williams has entered a new chapter, building a family life with his wife Nikki Bonacorsi, and their two children.

Fast forward a few years and Thompson’s union with sports super-agent Kyle Thousand captured headlines and hearts. Engaged in January 2020, the couple exchanged vows in a private ceremony in December of the same year. However, despite hailing from the same industry with converging career paths, their marriage was short-lived. Charissa Thompson announced their separation in December 2021, followed by a divorce in April 2022, marking the end of a chapter in their lives.

While Thompson’s romantic journey has seen its share of highs and lows, she has since found a companion in Steven Cundari. Set up by close friends, the couple now co-owns the Summit House. Moreover, as she and her partner continue thriving, the love they share is made apparent through adorable posts on each other’s IG accounts.

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