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Colin Kaepernick’s Latest Pro Black Venture Pulls Him Back into the Limelight

Aayush Shah

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With all the pomp and popularity around the NFL, the league provides a platform like no other. The NFL and other sporting leagues are a massive part of American culture. While sport is deeply rooted in American culture, so is the generational long conflict of race. When NFL and race come into the same conversation, a standout name will always be Colin Kaepernick. The former 49ers QB is back in the mix of things as he launches his latest venture fighting racism.

Kaepernick hasn’t appeared in the NFL ever since his power statement in 2016. Since taking a knee during the national anthem as a protest against the oppression of black people by people in power, the talented quarterback has been missing from the NFL scene. After stirring nationwide debates over his stance, many boycotted Kaepernick and eventually walked away from the game. Though he has been away, he has remained relevant as he never shies away from voicing his opinion when it comes to race.

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Colin wants to bring a positive change with “Change the Game”

With his latest venture, Kaepernick has launched a graphic novel. Titled: Change the Game, Kaepernick continues to draw the narrative towards ending oppression towards black people in the United States. Change the Game is a personal graphic novel that Kaepernick uses to narrate his upbringing in a white household. 

Kaepernick has a white biological mother and an African father who separated from his mother before his birth. However, born and raised in Wisconsin, Kaepernick grew up in an all-white household. Physically identifying himself as different from who he was raised by, Kaepernick struggled with racial identity issues. Apart from the novel, Kaepernick also has a Netflix series: Colin in Black and White, which he uses as a medium to pass on his mission. Through the developed fame to his name, Kaepernick has monetized heavily through these media. 

Colin Kaepernick continues his fight against Racial Discrimination

In his graphic novel, Kaepernick mentions that he felt love from his white parents, but there were still instances of passive racism that he experienced.It was important to show that, no, this can happen in your own home, and how we move forward collectively while addressing the racism that is being perpetuated,” said the athlete turned activist. 

Kaepernick alluded to a scenario from his childhood when he wanted to adapt his hairstyle to corn rows. This was his way of connecting to his community in a way, as he saw Allen Iverson do it. Having felt the lack of a connection with his community, it was important for him. However, his parents ruled out that option by calling it an “unprofessional” look. They also said, he would look like a “thug”. This has clearly stuck with him as Kaepernick now flaunts corn rows. There are other such instances he mentions in the novel too that depict the microaggressions he faced growing up.

The former quarterback had even mentioned that he picked a career in football over baseball, out of the need of wanting the feeling of being around a community of his own. While many accuse him of often exaggerating the situation, he has had his battles. While he monetizes through his battles, he is often also called out by African Americans for milking the situation. Though he had a black biological father, he was of African origin and not of African American origin, the actual victims of racist oppression in the United States.

However, nothing will stop Kaepernick from spreading his message for a cause that is much needed as long as he’s doing it the right way.

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