Damar Hamlin Foundation Surpasses $1 Million in Donation as He Battles For His Life at UC Hospital

Arjun Sukumaran
|Published January 03, 2023

It was supposed to be one of the most important matchups for the Buffalo Bills. As they prepared to face the Cincinnati Bengals in what could ultimately decide the top spot in the AFC, no one expected what was coming. What should ideally have been just another night of football, turned out tragically for the Bills as their safety Damar Hamlin got stretchered off the field, and the game got postponed.

Hamlin suffered an injury and collapsed during their game against the Cincinnati Bengals. After being administered CPR, he was quickly transferred to a hospital to further tend to his wounds. All the while, players and fans were in shock and tears at what had transpired in front of them.

For the fans who could not be in Cincinnati to show support to their player, they took a different route. Reportedly, Hamlin’s fundraiser to buy toys for the children of his community has skyrocketed. Breaking the intended goal of $2,500, the charity has now amassed over $1 million in donations.

The fundraiser was started way back in 2020. And according to the description on GoFundMe, the charity intends to help the community where he was raised. The fundraiser directly aids two daycare centers in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. Within 2 hours of Hamlin’s tragic collapse, the fundraiser was already at $650,000. You can find the link to the fundraiser here.

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Chasing M’s Foundation toy drive crosses $1 million after Damar Hamlin injury

The showdown between the Bengals and the Bills ended as soon as it started, not lasting more than a quarter. Hamlin sustained his injury after he tackled Bengals’ receiver Tee Higgins, who hit Hamlin right in his chest. For a split second, nothing seemed odd, as Hamlin and Higgins got back to their feet. Then suddenly, Hamlin collapsed, as Bills players and staff rushed to help him.

For the next 15 or so minutes, the medical team on the field constantly tended to him, giving him CPR and protecting his head. After an initial failed attempt to move him into a waiting ambulance, he was finally taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center where he is currently in a critical state.

The NFL announced later into the night that the game will be postponed, with no further details on the new date. Bills players are reportedly still in the Paycor Stadium, and some have taken to social media to ask for prayers. A few players and many fans are at the hospital to show support for Hamlin.

According to some doctors, Hamlin suffered a rare injury called “Commotio Cortis”, that induces a cardiac arrest under certain conditions. A straight hit to his chest seems to have aided in the injury, and one cannot predict if the fall on his head had any effects too. No updates have been issued yet regarding the injury by the NFL or the UCMC.

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