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“Dan Reeves leaves a lasting legacy in our game as a player and coach” : Arthur Blank, Atlanta Falcons owner and chairman, remembers late NFL legend

Sahilpreet Singh Thind

Dan Reeves

Dan Reeves, one of the winningest coaches in NFL history and a former NFL Running Back has died at 77.  He passed away peacefully at his home in Atlanta surrounded by friends and family.

Reeves spent 38 years in the NFL. Starting as a Running Back for the Cowboys he went to nine Super Bowls, the third most for anyone. He also served as head coach from 1981 to 2003, primarily for the Broncos and the Falcons. Every great NFL coach has a decade of dominance, that’s just the nature of the league and the 1980’s saw Dan Reeves at the sidelines of the Broncos dominance.

Dan spent all of his eight years as a player in the league for the Dallas Cowboys, rushing for 1,990 yards and 25 touchdowns. He caught 129 passes for 1,693 yards on his way to 17 touchdowns. He was a part of the America’s Team’s first Super Bowl win in 1971, as they defeated the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI.

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Reeves’s career with the Broncos

In 1981, the Broncos hired Dan as their head coach. Dan was the youngest head coach in the NFL at the time. Who knew he would end up an inductee into the team’s Ring of Honor in 2014. Dan would go on to lead the Broncos  to 3 Super Bowl appearances in just 4 years. Reeves would also play a pivotal role in developing John Elway into who we know him as today, one of the most accomplished Quarterbacks this game has ever seen. Though their time together was not without its problems.

What was Dan Reeves’ legacy ?

In his own statement, Atlanta Falcons owner and chairman Arthur Blank said :

“His track record of success in Dallas, Denver, New York and Atlanta over several decades speaks for itself, marking a long and successful life and career in football,” Blank said. “On behalf of the Atlanta Falcons I extend our condolences to Dan’s family and friends as they mourn his passing.”

Dan Reeves will be remembered not just for his illustrious career. In the hearts and minds of players whose life he was a part of, Reeves will be remembered for his character, unmatched toughness and grit and his sincere admiration for his players and coaches. His legacy will continue through his family, friends, players and fans of the NFL.

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