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Days After Old ‘Mistake’ During Eclipse Resurfaced, Odell Beckham Jr Remembers Integral Words to Live By

Ayush Juneja

Odell Beckham Jr. Expresses His Future Aspirations After Getting Released by the Ravens

During every eclipse, there’s gotta be a handful of adventurous people who will ignore general advice and stare at the phenomenon with naked eyes. One such person was Odell Beckham Jr in 2017. OBJ, while playing for the Giants, stared right into the solar eclipse in 2017, for which he received a lot of flak and was trolled mercilessly. However, he seems to have learned the lesson.

With the latest solar eclipse, fans were quick to remind the general public of OBJ’s blunder from 2017. However, it seems he has managed to constrain himself from doing that again, learning from his past mistakes. The former Rams Wideout took to Instagram to post a cryptic story, posting a quote, reminding himself about his past mistakes.

In another story, he asserts that mistakes are part of life. Trying to erase them, would cease your existence or what makes you, you. What are you today is the result of those mistakes and OBJ just had to remind himself of that.


Since, watching the 2017 eclipse, Beckham Jr averages only 635 yards per season and 4 touchdowns. He only had two 1,000-yard seasons. Before he stared straight at the phenomenon, he was averaging 1374 yards per season with 12 TDs and made 3 Pro Bowls. Since then, he also hasn’t made it to a Pro Bowl. Coincidence?

OBJ is yet again without a team this off-season and has been looking through his options. Before the Chiefs signed Hollywood Brown and Louis Rees Zammit, they were rumored to be looking to sign the former Giants receiver. However, that door looks almost closed. Re-signing with the Ravens is still on the cards.

One of the most real destinations touted for him has been the Dolphins, with many reporting that the team has even made contact with him.

Odell Beckham Jr Signing Rumors

OBJ was once the biggest star in the NFL and a great WR1. However, man can’t catch a break. After a gruesome ankle injury in 2017, he tore his ACL twice after that, missing the entire 2022 season. However, the Ravens gave him a home for a season before releasing him. While he might not be the same force he once was, he still has a lot left in the tank and can be a capable WR2.

One team that he has been linked to and could do a lot of damage for them is the Miami Dolphins. As per the Bleacher Report, the Dolphins are trying pretty hard to sign Odell Beckham. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler stated on NFL Live Friday that Miami has approached OBJ and has made one or two offers. However, they haven’t landed on a number despite a mutual interest between both parties.

So, a one-year offer could still be on the cards. However, he would just be a third-string wideout for them because it’s unlikely that he will replace Hill and Waddle, barring any injury. They need a possession receiver, someone who runs tight routes and can pop up at the right places with dependable hands, something that defined OBJ’s role last season with the Ravens.

However, his options keep dwindling as most teams have signed a receiver on minimum contracts. Many other teams are focusing on the Draft which is abundantly rich in wideouts. He might have to take a pay cut if he wants to play for a few more years in the league.

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