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Deion Sanders Takes a Dig at Daughter Deiondra Sanders’ Partner Jacquees’ Height; “Stand Up Dawg”

Suresh Menon

Deion 'Coach Prime' Sanders Advises Reporter to Do Homework When Asked About CU Buffs Transfer Portal

Deion Sanders doesn’t hold back his punches. His brutal honesty might sometimes hurt but it sometimes can be comedy gold. This no-holds-barred approach to his humor in today’s over-policing atmosphere on the internet is like a breath of fresh air. The NFL legend is blunt and unapologetic. He is real everywhere and the latest example of this was seen in Well Off Media’s latest vlog capturing the Colorado Buff’s day-to-day training.

In the vlog, Deion Sanders can be seen scrolling his Instagram discussing his daughter Deiondra’s social media posts. He first joked about how all of Deiondra’s latest photos are flaunting her baby bump. But while scrolling Deiondra’s Instagram, he came across a photo that mildly irked him.

The photo saw Deiondra’s partner and popular R&B singer Jacquees crouching and pointing towards the baby bump while facing the camera. The forward-slanting posture accentuated the height difference between Deiondra and Jacquees and Coach Prime wasn’t thrilled with the pose.


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Hence he blurted out candidly that Jacquees can’t pose like this as he is soon going to be in the family. Coach Prime urged his daughter’s partner to stand up straighter. “He can’t take that kind of picture man. Dawg Jacquees, Come on Dawg, you going to be in the Family. Come on man, you got to stand up Dawg!” said the Buffs coach candidly.

Coach Prime’s latest victim is his daughter’s partner, whom he occasionally bullies for his height. But that’s all part of being in the fold! And of course, like all dads, no one is good enough for his precious daughter. On top of that, Sanders has openly admitted to not being ready to be a grandfather quite yet. That’s bound to foster some ill will towards the man responsible for this fate.

Deion Sanders Not Ready to Be a Grand-Daddy

Back when Deiondra Sanders announced her pregnancy on social media, Coach Prime left a tongue-in-cheek comment on the announcement post that surprised many. Deion Sanders jokingly commented how Deiondra is making him feel old by making him a granddad even though he is still young. “PREACH BABY PREACH, and u having this baby to make me a darn GRANDDADDY even though I’m YOUNG!” he wrote on Deiondra’s post.

But a few weeks later, Coach Sanders gave a more mature reply when he expressed his pride in her daughter for not having a baby to keep her man. He instead hoped that she was mentally and emotionally prepared before entering into a big chapter of her life. “I’m proud of my baby that she at least waited until her thirties to give me this gift of life,” the Colorado Buffaloes head coach said. “I’m happy about that, but I want to make sure she’s straight emotionally and psychologically as well.”

The coming few years are all set to be transformative for Sanders. From being a grandfather soon to possibly coaching in the NFL, an array of possibilities lay ahead of Deion Sanders. And if Coach Prime continues being his candid self, his accentuating his social media value is also in the picture.

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