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‘Do You Think Aaron Rodgers Can Beat Me To The End Zone?’: Devin White Is Outraged That NFL Fans Think He Couldn’t Have Tackled Packers QB In NFC Conference Championship Game

Ashish Priyadarshi

'Do You Think Aaron Rodgers Can Beat Me To The End Zone?': Devin White Is Outraged That NFL Fans Think He Couldn't Have Tackled Packers QB In NFC Conference Championship Game

Devin White and Aaron Rodgers went head to head in the NFC Conference Championship. White recently had issues with some takes about that game.

The matchup itself was set to be one of the best playoff games of the entire season as it pit two of the best quarterbacks in the league in Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady against each other.

The Buccaneers had beat the Packers earlier in the year 38-9, setting up for a very intriguing matchup. Would Rodgers and company be able to fire back when it mattered the most? Unfortunately, they couldn’t.

After going down big initially, the Packers were able to draw close, but it was a little too late. They ultimately lost the game 31-26.

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Devin White Firmly Believes He Could Have Stopped Aaron Rodgers On A Potential Run

The Packers last drive of the game was something that was talked about heavily after the game. The biggest talking point was the fact that the Packers chose to forgo a fourth and goal attempt to potentially tie the game down 31-23 for a field goal that still left them one score behind at 31-26.

On the third down play of that drive, Rodgers threw an incompletion in the endzone, and after replays of the play came out, it looked like the Packers quarterback had plenty of room to run in for a score.

However, Buccaneers linebacker Devin White recently dismissed all claims that such a run would have been possible as he believes that he would have firmly caught up to the NFL MVP.

White had an incredible sophomore season, breaking out as one of the best young linebackers in the league. His play was incredible in the postseason as he posted several pivotal turnovers. The linebacker has a lot of confidence in his play, and that confidence is what makes him believe he would have taken down the Packers quarterback no matter how difficult it may have seemed. Here’s the play for reference:

And White’s comments:

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