“If Tom Brady had his way, he’d be running the Dolphins”: $250 million QB’s absence from Buccaneers could link back to scandal with Miami Dolphins

Jayanth Gorantla
|Published August 15, 2022

Tom Brady is known for his relentless work ethic and standards he holds himself to in practice. This is why his extended break came as a surprise just a couple weeks before the season opener. 

Tom Brady is one of the most successful players in the history of the NFL. This success is one that came from a lot of hard work and taking no days off. This is how Brady went from a 6th round pick to the GOAT.

Brady’s career includes 7 Super Bowl victories and many other accolades. These accolades are an accurate representation of Brady’s skill as a passer and habits as a winner.

After winning his most recent Super Bowl just 2 seasons ago with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady retired this past offseason. However, after just a couple weeks, Brady unretired. He attributed this move to the desire to play which was still burning.

All these events make the most recent turn a much bigger shock. For some unknown reason, Brady took an extended period of leave just a few weeks before the 2022 season opener.

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Is there trouble brewing for Tom Brady and the Buccaneers this season?

This past week, Brady took part in his last practice till date. In the practice, it was noted by a beat reporter that Brady looked “miserable.” This was due to Brady’s offbeat body language and performance that day in practice.

Although this would not normally blow up as huge news, it is also to be noted that Brady requested a period of time away from the team. Brady will now be rejoining the Buccaneers after their second preseason game.

The purpose for this leave is still unknown but the team has voiced their support for their quarterback. They know that Brady will be ready for the upcoming season whether or not he is around the facility.

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Some analysts are attributing this behavior to a sudden drop in interest for playing for the Buccaneers. This would normally be an outlandish claim, but the recent turn of events make it more likely.

Recently, Tampa Bay’s starting center Ryan Jensen suffered a left knee injury that could take him out for the season. To add on, Chris Godwin is still recovering from an ACL tear in December. Mike Evans tweaked his hamstring in practice and his status is up in the air.

This could be a reason for Brady’s absence but chances are there are other issues Brady must take care of. Whatever the issue, let us see if he will join the Buccaneers for their season opener against the Cowboys.

An NFL analyst also claims the $250 million net worth quarterback may have taken a leave of absence since he didn’t get to join the Dolphins as he hoped. Of course, the Dolphins and owner Stephen Ross received massive penalties for tampering with Tom Brady and Sean Payton.

“I don’t think he loves the humidity in Tampa; it is very swampy out here every morning. His buddy Gronk has retired, that’s his running mate, that’s his guy, and now he looks all over the field and he’s throwing to Kyle Rudolph, Chris Godwin is banged up and we’re not sure when he’s going to be himself again. Brady’s center [Ryan Jensen] goes down. There are just a lot of things going on with the team, and we also know playing with the Bucs was not his No. 1 wish this year. If he had gotten his way, he’d be running the Dolphins.”

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