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Ezekiel Elliott has Jerry Jones’ $8 billion Cowboys in a $90 million bind

Jayanth Gorantla

Ezekiel Elliott has Jerry Jones' $8 billion Cowboys in a $90 million bind

Ezekiel Elliott had his career best year as a rookie in 2016. Ever since then, he has been struggling to return to his All Pro form.

Ezekiel Elliott was drafted with the 4th overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft out of Ohio State. In his rookie year, he lit the league on fire with his statistics.

Zeke totaled 1631 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns on the ground. Many thought he was going to be the next best running back in the league. Dallas Cowboys fans were hyped up for their franchise cornerstone.

However, Zeke’s career has been on a downward spiral since his rookie year. His numbers have been consistently dropping and his production is being missed by the Cowboys. Backup Tony Pollard has already began to steal reps.

In September of 2019, Zeke signed a 6 year extension worth up to $90 million. Since the signing, Zeke has struggled mightily to play to the standard expected by his contract.

On the other hand, news broke that the Jerry Jones’ owned Dallas Cowboys are the NFL’s richest franchise at $8 billion.

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The Cowboys might just be getting ready to move on from Ezekiel Elliott

There are strong rumors that the Cowboys might be getting ready to move on from Zeke after this upcoming season. Elliott’s explosiveness and game changing ability have completely left him.

Although Elliott is not a bad running back by any means, he is certainly not what he is worth. When Pollard, his backup, is brought in, Pollard is able to provide a spark to the offense. Elliott lacks this.

By releasing Elliott after this season, the Cowboys could save plenty of money.

Elliott’s yards per game have consistently fell since his rookie year. Elliott started at an impressive 108.7 yards per game but now sits at 58.9 yards per game. Along with this, his receiving yards per game have also dropped continuously.

At this rate, the Cowboys will be better equipped for the future if they let go of the high paid running back.

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