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Fans Are Making Sense of the Time When Patrick Mahomes Tried to Warn Everyone About Harrison Butker

Aniket Srivastava

Fans Are Making Sense of the Time When Patrick Mahomes Tried to Warn Everyone About Harrison Butker

Kansas City Chiefs star kicker Harrison Butker is facing major backlash after his controversial speech at Benedictine College. During the speech, he made remarks regarding working women, LGBTQ+ people, and abortion, which have since stirred considerable anger among NFL fans, who are even trying to cancel the NFL star. It went as far as someone finding an old video of Patrick Mahomes on the Pat McAfee Show, showing him acknowledging that he keeps his distance from Butker.

Fans interpret this as the star QB’s way of trying to warn everyone. But is it really the case? After winning his third Super Bowl this February, Patrick Mahomes revealed his relationship with the Butker, who played an important role in winning the Super Bowl LVIII game against the San Francisco 49ers, saying,

“I don’t talk to Harrison all year long. I just let him do his thing,” Mahomes said. “We sit right beside each other in team meetings and I don’t say one word to him—throughout the season and after the season”

Mahomes stated that he and Butker have limited interactions with each other, despite playing alongside each other for seven years. The exact reason why the star QB said what he said is unknown, but NFL fans believe it’s because their opinions don’t match. See for yourselves:

Another one wrote,

A social media user commented,

A different one mentioned,

Someone else expressed,

Notably, the league has addressed Butker’s stance, stating that his views are personal and do not represent the NFL as an organization. However, as of now, neither the Kansas City Chiefs nor its quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, have released a statement.

The Kansas City Chiefs had a successful 2023 season, where they not only won their fourth Super Bowl title but also added a huge fanbase, including women and children, especially following the rumors of Travis Kelce dating Taylor Swift became mainstream. However, Butker’s remarks on women have caught the heat, and the fans are now signing a petition wanting the Chiefs to release their star kicker.

Amid Fan Uproar, Harrison Butker Tops Patrick Mahomes in Jersey Sales

While there is an uproar from NFL fans to release Harrison Butker from the Chiefs, surprisingly, he is also becoming popular. So much so that the star kicker has reportedly surpassed Patrick Mahomes in jersey sales. Recently, The Free Beacon editor Peter J. Hasson took to X (formerly Twitter) to share a screenshot of the NFL’s bestseller list, where Butker’s jersey was listed ahead of the Chiefs quarterback.

Safe to say, Harrison Butker will be trending on social media for a while. Moreover, his 20-minute controversial speech at the graduation ceremony has been making the rounds, during which he talked about “dangerous gender ideologies,” and commented on sensitive topics such as abortion, IVF, surrogacy, and euthanasia, describing them as “pervasiveness of disorder.” He also criticized President Joe Biden’s policies and his leadership.

His speech drew global attention when he told graduating women that their most important role should be as “homemakers” rather than pursuing careers. Several individuals, including, Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly, have condemned his speech.

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