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Matthew Stafford’s “Homemaker” Wife Kelly Responds Strongly on Harrison Butker’s Controversial Speech

Aniket Srivastava

Matthew Stafford’s “Housemaker” Wife Kelly Responds Strongly on Harrison Butker’s Controversial Speech

Three-time Super Bowl champion Harrison Butker has kicked up a storm on the internet with his controversial commencement speech at Benedictine College in Kansas. His remarks regarding women and the LGBTQ+ community have led NFL fans to voice out their opinions, with Kelly, the wife of Matthew Stafford, also joining the conversation.

Like many fans, Kelly Stafford was deeply upset after hearing Harrison Butker’s advice to graduating young women, urging them to embrace the role of “Homemaker” instead of pursuing a career. Kelly believes that while there’s nothing wrong with being a homemaker and caring for your children, women must have a say. They must have the freedom to choose a career or embrace the role of a homemaker.

“Some women choose not to stay home and some women don’t have the luxury to choose,” Kelly wrote in an Instagram post. “We all might not agree on everything, but I think we all want the same end goal, a better world for our kids. I think supporting and encouraging women and men in whatever roles they choose is a great first step towards that goal.”


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Drawing from an example in her own life, Kelly wrote that she is a proud homemaker and loves taking care of her husband, Matthew Stafford, and their four daughters: Tyler, Hunter, and twins Sawyer and Chandler. However, she believes this choice isn’t the same for every woman.

Some women choose to work, while others don’t have the luxury of staying at home. She feels that “building women up and not tearing them down is important” and that whatever roles individuals choose should be supported, regardless of gender.

Kelly Stafford Supports Women’s Empowerment and LGBTQ Rights

Apart from the Instagram post, Kelly Stafford also spoke to her fans through a series of Instagram stories, where she discussed Butker’s commencement speech in more detail. She expressed her concern that telling women on their graduation day that their greatest achievement would be to become wives or mothers is inappropriate.

Kelly even highlighted that talented women are excelling in every field, noting that it’s nothing but disrespectful to advise them to limit their goals.

The mother of four daughters, Kelly, also stated that if she had heard the same speech on her daughters’ graduation day, it would have been quite difficult for her to handle. She then pointed out Butker’s criticism of abortion, IVF, and LGBTQ Pride marches, which she feels is again an individual’s choice.

Some women struggle with childbirth, and some are not mentally prepared to bring a child into the world. Moreover, she noted how LGBTQ+ people are also human beings and deserve the same respect in society, drawing from the example of her best friend and co-host, Hank Winchester.

As Harrison Butker’s speech is trending, it has gained criticism from NFL fans, critics, and celebrities alike. As reported by the BBC, nearly 160,000 people have already signed a petition for the 28-year-old’s firing from his team. It remains to be seen whether the Kansas City Chiefs will take any action regarding their star kicker, who helped them secure their fourth Super Bowl earlier this year.

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