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Fans Believe Matthew Stafford’s Wife Kelly Is “Jealous” of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Claiming All the Spotlight

Sauvik Banerjee

Fans Believe Matthew Stafford’s Wife Kelly Is “Jealous” Of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Taking All the Spotlight

As soon as Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce became an item, the entire world started gushing over their adorable charms. However, not everyone is happy with the intensive coverage of the lovebirds, and it seems Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly, is one of them.

The TnT fever has caught up not only the Swifties but so many football fans who crave to see every tiny update in their lives. With the two worlds colliding in an unprecedented manner, it was clear that they would send shockwaves. But Kelly Stafford feels it is about time that the coverage starts to dim down.

“I don’t know if I want to see another 4 months of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce coverage,” Kelly said, as reported by StarcadeMediaKC on X. Surprisingly, the majority of fans were on the same page as the NFL WAG, but there were also a few that felt that Kelly made this comment out of “jealousy.” Take a look:

“Haters going to hate,” one fan quipped.

While another fan pointed out, “Lol idk what she expects – Swift is the biggest star in the world right now.”

“Yeah, For once, I agree with Kelly. But we all know she wants the attention to be on her, and nobody else!” one fan mentioned.

This fan had an interesting theory, claiming, “Maybe if her man won as much as Travis and Taylor have it wouldn’t be that way

Kelly Stafford has on many occasions given fans reasons to criticize her, and this turned out to be one of those moments. But it sure makes us wonder if we will witness rivalry off the field as well when the 2024 season commences.

Kelly Stafford Wants Another Ring

Travis Kelce winning Super Bowl LVIII with Taylor Swift by his side was truly a fairy tale come true. This only quadrupled the interest of fans in the TnT storyline. However, even Kelly Stafford is familiar with the limelight that comes with winning the Big One. It’s been two years since the Rams have won it all the way. But Matthew Stafford’s wife is expecting him to win at least one more before he hangs up his cleats.

“We need one more, at least, we need one more,” Kelly Stafford manifested in the Rams documentary on YouTube. While Matthew, being the loving husband that he is, responds with: “I’m in.”

But it appears as if the Rams aren’t the same as they were in 2021. The team this offseason has lost the likes of their legendary defensive tackle, Aaron Donald, who used to haunt QBs around the league. However, as long as Matthew Stafford is the leader of the franchise, the Rams have a pretty sound chance to win another Super Bowl.

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