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Fans Rip Brittany Mahomes For Recording Daughter Sterling Trying To Watch the Eclipse With Naked Eyes

Sauvik Banerjee

Brittany Mahomes Instagram: NFL WAG Shares Adorable Visuals of Daughter Sterling Ahead of Little Angel's 3rd Birthday

Patrick Mahomes is having the time of his life in the offseason after he won his third Super Bowl. He is certainly a family man who never misses the opportunity to have fun with his wife Brittany and kids. So was the day when the state of Missouri witnessed a solar eclipse.

Many NFL players shared their experience on Instagram of how they caught the sight of the solar eclipse of course by wearing special glasses. However, in one of Brittany Mahomes’ IG stories, her three-year-old daughter Sterling was about to pull a big stunt when Patrick Mahomes arrived just in time to save her from looking at the eclipse with naked eyes.

As the video was shared on X by ML Football, fans weren’t very happy with how unreactive Brittany was to it. Many fans online believed it was odd how Brittany laughed and waited for Patrick to stop Sterling from looking at the sun directly.

One fan commented, “Meanwhile… Her mom’s just filming it for the gram.”

While another fan stated, “Of course the mom jus recording and laughing as her daughter nearly blinds herself.”

Another one wrote, “Why is Britney Mahomes filming it and doing nothing?”

Despite many pointing fingers at Brittany some even came to her defend her. Backing Brittany, some fans also thought that it was simply a normal state of affairs in a family and that there was nothing to blame the mother for since Patrick was up and ready to protect Sterlin’s eyes as it’s just what fathers do.

Patrick & Brittany Mahomes Catch the Glimpse of the Solar Eclipse

The Mahomes family had guests in the house to watch the cosmic event and Brittany captured the entire get-together via her IG stories. In one of her videos, Patrick Mahomes was seen holding daughter Sterling while looking at the solar eclipse wearing glasses.

When mother Brittany asked Sterling what she could see, the three-year-old adorably replied, “I see the moon.”

Although it was a narrow escape for Sterling who was about to stare at the eclipse directly but it wasn’t close when compared to the time when Odell Beckham Jr. stared at the eclipse for a long time in 2017 which many thought was idiotic enough to remember.

What seemed to be interesting though, was how OBJ has degraded since that time. In a post shared by ML Football, it compared how pre-2017-eclipse, OBJ had 1,374 yards per season, 12 touchdowns, and three Pro Bowls. But post that he has averaged only 635 yards per season, four touchdowns, and no Pro Bowls, which might prompt one to think whether that was the effect of an eclipse curse.

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