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FS1 Analyst Claims “The Eagles No Longer Trust Jalen Hurts” After QB Appears Disgusted Doing Drills on Football Fumble

Ayush Juneja

“We F*cked”: Concerning Jalen Hurts Injury Update Leaves Eagles Fans in Shambles Before Playoff Game

Jalen Hurts has gone from being a frontrunner in the MVP race to losing the trust of his team in a matter of a couple of weeks. The Eagles, after reaching 10-1, now find themselves in a tough spot after two back-to-back losses against their NFC rivals, the 49ers and the Cowboys. Now, FS1 analyst Craig Carton suggests that the franchise has lost trust in the QB.

Hurts was recently spotted doing drills with a look of disgust on his face. In the newly surfaced video, the Eagles can be seen teaching Jalen how to fall without fumbling the ball. After seeing the video, Carton stated that the Iggles no longer trust their shot caller. He also declared that the star QB appeared to be in disgust while performing those drills. He said,

“The Eagles no longer trust Jalen Hurts. This is an NFL practice with a $200m QB. They are teaching him how to fall down without fumbling and you can see the disgust on his face. That is the lack of trust and that is the coaching staff telling the QB that we don’t know if you are the guy.”


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Craig Carton feels that the Eagles have embarrassed Hurts and taken the advantage of his ability to lead. In his view, they are trying to dog-leash him by making him do juvenile drills in front of everyone, and that’s obnoxious. He feels Jalen should ask the organization to trade him.

Jalen Hurts Seems to Have a Fumbling Problem

The video of the Eagles teaching Jalen Hurts how not to fumble has recently popped up on social media. Such juvenile drills seem unnecessary for a star QB, but not when he has already fumbled the ball 8 times this season.

It seems the Eagles star-shot caller has a habit of fumbling the ball. He has already fumbled the ball on 8 occasions this season. Even though his teammates have managed to recover the ball 3 times, losing the ball 5 times is not a good sign for a QB in the MVP conversation. Aside from 5 fumbles, Hurts has also thrown 10 picks, which means he has lost the ball on 15 occasions. In fact, he has fumbled the ball in 7 straight games this season.

In his first 3 seasons, Jalen has fumbled the ball 27 times. Out of those 27 times, the ball has been recovered 21 times, as per Fumbles have been one of the reasons for the Eagles’ lackluster game against the Cowboys. Philadelphia fumbled the ball thrice against Dallas, and Hurts was a culprit for 1 of them.

Nick Sirriani has previously said that his team and Hurts need to do a better job at protecting the ball and his QB needs to learn how to fall down without losing the ball. He also said it’s his and his coaching team’s job to teach those skills. It seems Hurts agrees with his coach and has said ball security is a big thing. He said-

“You try and rep it and you try to find new ways to stretch yourself and different things. But you know, in the end, the goal when you go into any game is to do that, protect the ball and every possession,” as per NBC Sports.

So, as it turns out, Hurts’ rigorous training will only help the team reach great heights. Some also argue that he lost the Super Bowl because of his fumbles. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that he is still one of the youngsters, and growth and learning are part of the job. That’s how you get better and win crucial games like SBs.

The Eagles are now 10-3. They take on the Seahawks in match week 15. Even though they are 99% in the playoffs, the consecutive losses left them with just a 23% chance of being the top seed in the NFC, as per

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