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“I Don’t See What the Big Crime Is”: Comedian Bill Maher Stands Alongside Chiefs’ Kicker Harrison Butker’s Stirring Remarks on Women

Yagya Bhargava

“I Don’t See What the Big Crime Is”: Comedian Bill Maher Stands Alongside Chiefs’ Kicker Harrison Butker’s Stirring Remarks On Women

Harrison Butker’s commencement speech at Benedictine College has sparked a storm of backlash, but not everyone is against him. Some have come out and rallied to his defense, just like talk show host Bill Maher. The comedian, who is also a well-known political commentator, recently mocked the outrage directed at the Kansas City Chiefs star.

On Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher, the host dove into the controversy surrounding Butker’s commencement speech at the Catholic college. Butker, a devout Catholic, speculated that the majority of female graduates were more excited about marriage and kids than pursuing careers, which many on social media found quite misogynistic.

Maher, however, believes the backlash against Harrison Butker is quite puzzling. Although he doesn’t share Butker’s views on religion, Maher thinks the outrage was over the top, noting that the choice Butker highlighted is valid for many women. He added, as highlighted by Collin Ruggs in his tweet:

“I don’t see what the big crime is. I really don’t. And I think this is part of the problem people have with the left is that lots of people in this country are like this. Like he’s saying some of you may go on to lead successful careers, but a lot of you are excited about this other way that people — everybody used to be. And now can’t that be a choice too?”

Maher also criticized society’s fixation on academic success, particularly attending elite “a**hole factories like Harvard.” He then sarcastically pointed out the irony in Harrison Butker’s position, noting the contradiction between his traditional views on gender roles and the desires of younger generations, who are typically “demonstrating for Hamas.”

The Chiefs Co-Owner Tavia Hunt Backs Harrison Butker

The Chiefs organization has stayed mum on the Butker controversy. However, Tavia Hunt, wife of co-owner and CEO Clark Hunt, broke her silence with a heartfelt Instagram post. In it, she passionately defended Butker’s remarks and urged women to embrace the title of “homemaker” with pride, while also emphasizing that pursuing academic success is also necessary.

“I’ve always encouraged my daughters to be highly educated and chase their dreams. I want them to know that they can do whatever they want (that honors God). But I also want them to know that I believe finding a spouse who loves and honors you as or before himself and raising a family together is one of the greatest blessings this world has to offer,” Travia Hunt wrote in her post. “Studies show that committed, married couples with children are the happiest demographic, and this has been my experience as well.”

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Tavia Hunt’s message is a big shout-out to all the mothers out there. She’s all about showing love for their dedication to raising kids and respecting everyone’s opinions without judging too soon. The Chiefs co-owner is into celebrating families and giving credit to both mothers and fathers for shaping the future.

That being said, ever since the speech, Harrison Butker’s jerseys have been all the rage, surpassing even those of stars like Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes. His No. 7 merch has shot up the charts, landing among the “Top Sellers” on the official website, all thanks to the kicker’s headline-making remarks.

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