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“I’m Putting This Alcohol In My Body?”: When Tom Brady And Rob Gronkowski Downed Fireball Shots At The Kentucky Derby Making The Bucs QB Disgusted With Himself

Ashish Priyadarshi

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is a master at the art of taking care of your body, but Rob Gronkowski once recalled a funny story regarding Fireball shots at the Kentucy Derby.

Brady’s ability to play, and play well, at the incredible age of 43 years old (now 44) shocked us last year. He won his seventh Super Bowl with no indication that he’d be slowing down any time soon. Part of that is because he’s one of the greatest football minds to have ever played the game.

However, part of it, actually a lot of it, is because of he maintains an incredible level of fitness, both with his workouts and with his diet, all of which is part of the famous ‘TB 12 Method.’

However, even the NFL GOAT lets loose once in a while, and that’s exactly what happened when he met Rob Gronkowski at the Kentucky Derby.

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Tom Brady Was Disgusted After Downing Fireball Shots With Rob Gronkowski At Kentucky Derby

Brady has definitely been known to cut back at times on his intense training regime, often indulging in some of the unhealthier things in life.

You guys remember when Brady was drunk out of his mind during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl parade? Well, he definitely had his fair share of alcohol on that day, resorting to things like this:

The same happened once when Rob Gronkowski and Brady met at the Kentucky Derby, but this time Brady was far more in control of his senses and hated the fact that he was drinking alcohol in the first place. Gronk recalls the story as:

“I would just say going to a Kentucky Derby and seeing him take a shot and, like, just seeing his face after … in disgust like, ‘I’m putting this alcohol in my body?’ Takes a shot and he’s like, ‘Ohhh, how am I gonna throw next week?!’”

When asked what kind of shot Brady had, Gronk had a simple reply:

“I think Fireball”

Brady definitely has alcohol at home, probably drinking wine or something light from time to time, but imagining him downing shots like that is a funny story to think about. The Buccaneers quarterback has definitely earned the right to kick back, however, winning seven Super Bowls. Perhaps we’ll see him drunk once more if the Buccaneers win again.

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