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“Kyler Murray is a cheetah” : Micah Parsons annoints Cardinals QB the fastest animal in the land but prefers his pride of Lions

Sahilpreet Singh Thind
|Sun Jan 02 2022

Dallas Cowboys Linebacker Micah Parsons is looking forward to the most important game of his season, a matchup that could stamp the Cowboys fate and will have serious playoff implications.

The Cowboys sit atop the NFC east looking to clinch the top spot in their conference. They’ll be playing the Arizona Cardinals hoping that the Green Bay Packers lose to the Vikings.

However, this Cowboys squad is too locked in to look that far ahead. Rather all signs points to them searching for a way to stop the dynamic Kyler Murray and the desperate Cardinals, a Cardinals team that’s looking to bounce back after three consecutive losses as their season long battle with the Rams for the no 1 seed in NFC west comes to its conclusion.

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State of the Cardinals

It’s hard to sustain a high level NFL offense while missing your primary receiver, much less one of the caliber of DeAndre Hopkins but underrating Murray is a mistake the Cowboys of all teams cannot afford to make.

He is one of the sneakiest, most skilled dual-threat quarterbacks in the league and he’ll represent a big challenge for the Cowboys’ defense which has seen a remarkable turnaround since last year. Look out for Kliff Kingsbury to devise a game plan for Kyler that tries to overcome a talent deficit at the WR position against a great Cowboys defense.

Micah Parsons really likes comparing his squad to animals

Meanwhile in the analogy land, Micah Parsons acknowledges cheetahs as the fastest member of the animal kingdom but also says that he would take a pride of Lions over a single Cheetah every day of the week. Parsons also admitted that watching videos of wild animals gets him hyped before games while comparing his team’s defense with a lion pack that’s always hungry.

“We’re a lion pack now” Parson said “There is no more lone lion. It’s the pride now. Everybody has got to get a piece of the gazelle. We’re just showing that we’re staying hungry and that we’re not alligators who get paralyzed after we eat…I listen to a lot of motivational videos. I really like animals.”

It’s still very early to tell how Parsons will spread his wings in the league. But it’s clear that the NFL has now recognized a new generational talent on one side of the ball. Could he perhaps be the reason the Dallas Cowboys go all the way this season?

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