“Troy Aikman is trying to grow a beard and he just can’t” : When John Madden spared Dallas Cowboys QB no mercy on live broadcast

Sahilpreet Singh Thind
|Published 02/01/2022

Since the passing of John Madden, fans have been praising him for his remarkable life and prolific football career, remembering his greatest moments.

In his own distinguished way and with his distinctive voice, Madden left an imprint on the sport on par with titans like George Halas “Papa Bear ” and his coaching idol, Vince Lombardi. Rooted in the sensibilities of every man he was filled to the brim with wild articulations of what were once called “football plays”. He made the NFL way more interesting, spicy and more fun for over 40 years.

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When John Madden roasted Troy Aikman

John Madden in his day was an absolute delight to listen to on the broadcast, as many fans have been reminiscing. One of the most viral moments of him on the mic was him casually roasting Troy Aikman’s inability to grow facial hair. His longtime booth partner Pat Summerall also gave him an assist.

Madden fails to point out where Troy’s beard is and then jokingly says “I quit” when Pat tells him Troy’s 29. Their chemistry was unmatched.

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John Madden and his Telestrations: The Bucket

Long time NFL fans will remember the famous yellow line on their TV sets and how with Madden on the broadcast you were in for something hilarious every time. He could break down anything and make it entertaining.

Very few Super Bowl games of the 80’s and 90’s were close scores by the 4th quarter and as a commentator you had to improvise and Madden was a master of that. He and his broadcast partner Summerall would roll right back into calling play by play after their marvelous telestrations.

Madden and his telestrations: Barbeque on Nate Newton’s head!

Together John and Pat elevated the experience of watching NFL football in a way that is yet to be replicated. Maybe Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli has something to say about that, time will tell.

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