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“Don’t give a sh*t if Lamar Jackson wins MVP 12 times, he’ll never be tier 1”: NFL DC claims $23 million Ravens star has glaring flaws that keep him from being elite

Jayanth Gorantla
|Tue Jul 26 2022

An unnamed current defensive coordinator said that Lamar Jackson will never be a tier 1 quarterback, even if he wins MVP 12 times in a row.

Yesterday, the Athletic released NFL QB tier rankings and it shocked many people. These rankings are different than regular analyst rankings because they were done discreetly by current NFL coordinators and executives.

In these tier rankings, most people are agreeing that the tiers are almost accurate. The outrage stems from certain coordinators and executives passing shocking comments on players.

Two of the shocking comments are on Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson. These two quarterbacks are considered to be future of the NFL.

Lamar Jackson was placed in tier 2 with a ranking of 2.0. Rankings are averaged through 50 voters who rank quarterbacks 1 through 5. 1 is the top tier and 5 is the bottom tier. Lamar was placed right in the middle of the tier with a flat 2.0 ranking.

Although some fans did not see this to be appropriate, most agreed as playoff success has evaded Jackson. Jackson also seemed to struggled to make adjustments against teams that were closing the running lanes.

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NFL Defensive Coordinator gives wild, careless remark about Lamar Jackson

A certain unnamed current defensive coordinator was quoted with the following as reported by the Athletic.

This thread goes onto support Jackson with numerous statistics that help his case. These statistics make it seem that Lamar deserves to be recognized as a top 5 quarterback.

Twitter had a similar reaction to the thread where many current NFL and NBA players were supporting Jackson. They were calling this defensive coordinator “a hater” and that he probably regularly got blown out by Jackson last season.

The truth of the matter is that Jackson has areas to improve, but he is already an MVP in the league. The lack of playoff success works against him, but he has time to change that.

In my opinion, Lamar Jackson is a top 10 quarterback in the league who is on the brink of cracking tier 1. For the time being, he has to prove that he can make adjustments to defenses that generate pressure with ease. He also needs to be able to make late game throws that win games.

As defenses key in on Lamar’s rushing ability, he needs to be able to make them pay with his arm. Lamar Jackson currently has a net worth of $5 million, but that number is set to shoot up when he signs the massive contract extension he rightfully deserves.

In 2022, Lamar Jackson is set to earn a base salary of $23,016,000, while carrying a cap hit of $23,016,000. However, with Kyler Murray and Deshaun Watson’s contract numbers, Lamar’s salary could touch the high 45s.

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