“Love is the way”: NFL Quarterback Russell Wilson Reacts To Joe Biden Winning Elections

Ashish Priyadarshi
|Published 08/11/2020

Russell Wilson took to Twitter to show his excitement after Joe Biden won the 2020 US elections. Wilson strongly advocated for voting in these elections, pushing for change.

Like many athletes across various sports, Wilson recognized the importance of voting, and when the results came through, he was more than pleased. Wilson, along with the rest of the Seahawks, were instrumental in this process.

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Russell Wilson and Seahawks Push For Social Change

Here is what Wilson had to say about voting:

“I think it’s so important to vote. One, it’s a privilege and honor to be able to, it’s a blessing to be able to. For many years, Blacks weren’t able to vote, even women weren’t able to vote for so long, and just so many people fought for the opportunity to be able vote.”

The sporting world has been tremendous in helping people register to vote and in educating people about the significance of voting in these elections.

Wilson and the Seahawks drove this campaign all throughout the season. For example, Seattle players been wearing “Vote 2020” T-shirts in press conferences and their social media team has been active in spreading the message.

Additionally, here is what head coach Pete Carrol had to say about the situation:

So I’m thrilled that we’re involved with it, and I regret the fact that we weren’t better talking about it before. We should have known. Why didn’t I know then? But we know differently now.

NFL Pushes Hard for Voting in 2020

The NFL as a whole played a major role in driving the voting campaign in 2020. In August, the NFL launched the NFL Votes initiative, a non-partisan initiative serving as an extension of the Inspire Change campaign.

This campaign provided NFL players, personnel, and coaches with voter education so that their voices could be heard both at the national and local level. Further, the initiative reached around 8,000 people in the NFL family and helped register 900 players.

Moreover, several teams had their stadiums converted into temporary voting sites. These include the Seahawks, Colts, Chargers, Texans, Chiefs, Buccaneers, among several others.

Several players, both former and current, used their platform all throughout the year to drive the message: “VOTE!” And well, it appears that is had paid off. Biden’s victory is a small triumph for all the oppressed African-Americans in the league and the US as a whole.

However, if these elections have shown anything, it’s that these players won’t be quiet going forward. Biden may have won, but the battle against systemic racism isn’t over. After all, Kaepernick is still out of the league, and his former teammate Eric Reid may have been blackballed too.

Nevertheless, this campaign was a massive step forward for all players in ensuring their voices are heard going forward.

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