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Matthew Stafford’s Wife Kelly Responds After Knowing She Shares Her Name With An Adult Film Star

Ayush Juneja

Matthew Stafford’s Wife Kelly Responds After Knowing She Shares Her Name With An Adult Film Star

Kelly Stafford, wife of the Rams Super Bowl-winning QB Matthew Stafford, is one of the most popular WAGS in football. Interestingly, she has even garnered a reputation for being very open with her fans and isn’t shy to answer their questions. However, Kelly was recently left embarrassed when a fan mistook her for an adult star.

The 33-year-old recently took to Instagram to share a story involving a comment section conversation with an ignorant fan. The fan mistook her for an adult film star and asked if her daughters would follow the same career path when they grew up. Such a comment made others wonder what Kelly’s profession was before the original commenter stated that she worked in the adult industry. That was when other users came to Kelly’s rescue and insisted that she was being mistaken with someone else.

Amidst the confusion, Kelly responded to the fan, joking that he had helped her learn something she had no idea about.

” Ohhhhhhh I share a name with an adult film star.. maybe that’s who you are thinking about.”

Thankfully, the fan was also quick to realize his mistake and apologized, saying,

” Never trusting people on internet again, sorry to bother you it was my bad.”

However, by then, the needless conversation had already soured the post, which depicted the joyous time Matthew Stafford and his family enjoyed alongside some of their old friends.

Matthew Stafford’s Great Family Moment Sidetracked By an Ignorant Comment

The post in which the confused fan painted Kelly as an adult film star, celebrated the time Matt and Kelly spent together before the pre-season and training camp. The Stafford family went on a lovely spring break along with a few of their close friends.

The couple and their four daughters enjoyed the moment thoroughly, spending time on a boat and the beach. The post also showed how three other couples and their kids tagged along, making the vacation even more fun.

Being the fun-loving person that she is, Kelly wrote that in life memories and good time comes before everything and they made some great ones on their trip. The mother of four is also quite eager to make more memories next year.

” Memories are what life is about and dang these were some good ones. Can’t wait until next year with this crew.”

Matthew Stafford and Kelly remain one of the most loved couples in the NFL. The couple met during their time at the University of Georgia where the Super Bowl winner was a starting QB and Kelly, a cheerleader.

They then dated on and off during their Georgia days before finally committing to a wonderful relationship. Subsequently, after several years of courtship, Matt and Kelly took the sacred vow in 2015 and have since blossomed from a family of two to a family of six.

Even though Kelly values family more than anything and is devoted to them, she is also a registered nurse and has her own podcast, ‘The Morning After’ with Detroit Reporter Hank Winchester. On the other hand, Matt will soon be gearing up for his 16th season in the league as he looks to get back to his best and take another shot at the Lombardy Trophy.

Post Edited By:Shraman Mitra

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