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NFL Analyst Comments on Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany: “Not the Most Polished Person”

Yagya Bhargava

NFL Analyst Comments on Patrick Mahomes' Wife Brittany: “Not the Most Polished Person”

Former ESPN columnist Jason Whitlock couldn’t stop raving about Patrick Mahomes in a recent episode of his “FEARLESS” podcast. He first admired the two-time MVP for not taking sides in the presidential elections and then showered him with love and praise for staying true to his high school sweetheart, now wife, with whom he has built a blossoming family. But at the same time, it sure felt like he sneaked in a subtle dig at Brittany Mahomes.

Jason Whitlock kicked off by gushing over Patrick Mahomes, praising his loyalty to his high school sweetheart. He even touched on the assumption that once Mahomes hit stardom, he’d “trade up” for a supermodel. Whitlock then made it clear that he wasn’t knocking on Brittany’s looks, saying,

I am not saying that she is unattractive. I’m not remotely saying that. But he has stayed loyal, and again, she’s not the most polished person, but he loves her. He’s stuck with her. I like and respect that about Patrick Mahomes.”

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany have weathered many storms together. And most certainly, being married to one of the most influential people in the world comes with its challenges, including occasional backlash.

However, Brittany must have learned to brush off the on-and-off comments made by television analysts and podcasters. The same resilience was evident recently when the couple faced heckling from a group of Raiders fans.

Patrick Mahomes and Wife Brittany Breeze Through Roaring Chants by Raiders Fans

Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany were happily enjoying a peaceful vacation in Cabo, Mexico, recently, when they faced an unexpected turn of events. During a serene dinner at a local favorite, Rosa Negra, the couple were surprised by loud chants from Las Vegas Raiders fans, eventually disrupting their evening.

However, Patrick and Brittany remained composed despite the disruption caused by rival NFL fans, gracefully leaving the restaurant without engaging with the hecklers. The incident, which was actually unsettling, served as a reminder of the scrutiny that comes with their public status. However, the couple didn’t let the incident dampen their spirits.

The Mahomes pressed on with their vacation plans, leaving the hecklers on the shore. The next day, they celebrated Brittany’s best friend’s birthday in style, hopping on a luxurious yacht journey. They embraced the festive atmosphere, surrounded by stunning views and water, making the most of their time together.

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