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Nick Wright Advocates for a Record-Breaking Season for Caleb Williams in His Debut Run With the Bears

Aniket Srivastava

Nick Wright Advocates For a Record Breaking Season For Caleb Williams In His Debut Run With the Bears

Caleb Williams is set to make his debut in the NFL with the Chicago Bears, and he has successfully generated tremendous hype for being a generational talent. The Bears desperately need a face for their franchise after their recent failures and are trusting Williams to bring success to his team. The roster is definitely more bolstered than last year, and NFL analyst Nick Wright thinks the Bears rookie QB could win it all.

Nick Wright, on his show “First Things First,” highlighted that Williams has landed in a desired spot for a rookie quarterback as the Chicago Bears can dominate the first half of the season. Wright explained that in the first nine games of the regular season, the Bears will face five teams projected to have the worst records in the upcoming season.

The five teams he mentioned with the worst records are the New England Patriots, Washington Commanders, Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, and Tennessee Titans. Caleb Williams can easily lead his team to five victories, however, Nick Wright believes that in the first nine games, the Bears have a solid chance to go 7-2.

“I think there’s a seven and two start is absolutely on the board, which is why forget guaranteeing the playoffs. I’m flirting with the idea,” Wright remarked.

Moreover, making a bold statement, Wright added that the 2022 Heisman Trophy winner can also become the first rookie quarterback to lead his team to the Super Bowl. “I think Caleb could lead the Bears to the Super Bowl,” he added.

There have been many rookie quarterbacks with exceptional talents, but none have managed to go past the Conference Championship game in the history of the league. Can Caleb Williams achieve what quarterbacks, like Brock Purdy and CJ Stroud, almost did?

Fan Reactions Divided on Nick Wright’s NFL Predictions

While Nick Wright makes a valid point about the Chicago Bears winning a few games in the first half of the regular season, NFL fans aren’t fully convinced. Many doubt Caleb Williams will make a Super Bowl appearance in his rookie season, suggesting the playoffs as a more realistic goal. Some even find Nick Wright’s predictions hard to swallow, often turning out to be the opposite of reality. See for yourselves:

In the last two seasons, two rookie quarterbacks successfully led their teams to the playoffs. In the 2022 season, when the 49ers’ former QBs Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo were injured, rookie quarterback Brock Purdy took over and guided the team to the NFC Championship game, where they lost 31-7 to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Similarly, in the last season, the Houston Texans, with rookie QB CJ Stroud at the helm, surprised everyone by finishing the regular season with a 10-7 record. They made it to the Divisional Round but suffered heartbreak, losing 34-10 to the Baltimore Ravens. The Texans were heavily underestimated throughout the season, but a change in quarterback position worked wonders for them.

Now, the Bears are hopeful, as they have revamped their offense by bringing in talented players like Rome Odunze, D’Andre Swift, DJ Moore, and Keenan Allen. This new support system should help Caleb Williams, and hopefully, they won’t end up with a worse losing record than last year.

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