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Patrick Mahomes Asked to Keep His Eyes Safe During Solar Eclipse by Caring Fans

Utsav Khanna

Patrick Mahomes Asked to Keep His Eyes Safe During Solar Eclipse by Caring Fans

Patrick Mahomes hasn’t been resting on his laurels in the thick of the NFL off-season. Instead, he’s been diligently honing his skills, sculpting his physique, and maintaining his market presence with brand collabs. Beyond the gridiron, Mahomes is a master of the balancing act, because, after all, he’s a family man.

The quarterback’s life extends far beyond the realm of football and commerce. A recent sojourn to Brittany’s hometown documented vivaciously on her Instagram, showcased a glimpse into their recent family activities. Joined by their two adorable progenies, Sterling and Bronze, the Mahomes pack embarked on a private jet journey to the quaint confines of Whitehouse City Park, Texas. The Kansas City QB couldn’t help but share this on his X account:

The picturesque setting of familial bliss seized a rare celestial spectacle: a solar eclipse. Amidst the hustle and chaos of family time, Mahomes found solace in the cosmic ballet unfolding in the skies and eagerly shared this transcendent experience with his family and his devoted fans.

NFL World Worries Over Patrick Mahomes’ Eyes

The same fans who have a word of advice for the quarterback; half-joked about the consequences of enjoying the eclipse. They were ready to offer anything and everything, only for their QB to be safe. Here are some of the reactions to his inane post about the cosmic event:

People are worried because that man has a lot of Lombardis in his vision, and they simply couldn’t risk it getting blurred. And they are willing to do anything to keep their QB’s eyes safe, even offering their own if it came to that. Take a look:

Just a friendly reminder from all the chiefdom to the rest of NFL:

The whole Mahomes family enjoyed the cosmic event. And even Brittany Mahomes shared on her social media:

Currently, in Brittany’s hometown, the Mahomes family has been enjoying all sorts of fun activities before the chaos of football starts in September. They were seen in the NBA arena, celebrating Easter, enjoying a vacation in Mexico, and much more.

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