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Patrick Mahomes Claims the Release Of His Time 100 Speech On Women’s Sports Was Badly Timed

Sauvik Banerjee

Patrick Mahomes Claims the Release Of His Time 100 Speech On Women’s Sports Was Badly Timed

Patrick Mahomes recently won everyone’s hearts with his encouraging speech on women’s sports at the Time 100. Although the speech was nothing but pure class, the Chiefs QB wasn’t too happy with the timing of it since it was released just moments after Harrison Butker’s commencement speech at the Benedictine College.

Although the two individuals were open about their beliefs and standpoints, Mahomes pointed out how it didn’t look good on the team. He clarified that the speech was made weeks ago, yet the clip was released just moments after Butker’s remarks kicked a storm on the internet.

When asked if his speech was just a coincidence or a statement to Butker, Mahomes accepted in a recent press conference at the Chiefs’ OTA saying;

“It was pretty bad timing, I guess you would say. But like you said, I shot that a couple of weeks before.”

Contrary opinions from players in the same locker room do show a conflict of interest between two parties. However, Mahomes was clear in stating how he judges his teammates on their work ethic and not the opinion they hold.

Mahomes has steered clear of giving any kind of political answers which is standard for a man in his position. And no one should forget that the man has been getting media trained since he was a child. So no wonder he easily navigates his way through the media maze of a public figure’s diplomacy.

Patrick Mahomes Plays To the Tune of the Chiefs

With thousands signing petitions against Harrison Butker, the Chiefs united to take a stance on the matter which was to side with the kicker or recognize his opinions but not share them as their own. Something similar was done by Patrick Mahomes and HC Andy Reid who appreciated the free speech but didn’t take sides with the kicker.

“I think what makes the locker room so cool is you are able to have those discussions and become better and make those decisions for yourself,” Mahomes added. “And so even though there are very vast differences as far as those speeches happen. At the same time I mean you’re able to talk to guys and you get knowledge you make your own decisions at the end of the day.”

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Moreover, the Chiefs owner Clark Hunt’s wife Tavia backed Harrison Butker’s remarks by claiming how a woman brings value to a home by being a stay-at-home mother. She further clarified how every woman has a choice in her life but she was able to raise two girls into responsible young adults owing to her role as a housewife.

Meanwhile, Patrick Mahomes didn’t necessarily agree with the opinions of Harrison Butker. He was clear about how he holds different morals in life which wasn’t close to what the kicker stated.

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