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Patrick Mahomes Refers to His $210,000,000 Contract Restructuring as Reinforcement to the QB Market Uptrend

Prasenjeet Singh

Patrick Mahomes Reasons His $210,000,000 Contract Restructure As Reinforcement To the QB Market Uptrend

Patrick Mahomes has recently reworked his contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. He is now set to pocket $210,600,000 from 2023 to 2026. While the agreement stands as one of the highest in the NFL landscape right now, Mahomes made his case detailing that the alteration was for a greater good than a personal desire.

The Chiefs’ QB1 discussed the details of the contract and his intent behind the alteration in a conversation with Adam Teicher of ESPN. If we are to believe Mahomes, his restructured contract was largely meant to nudge the quarterback market in the right direction.

Patrick Mahomes Reflects on His Restructured Contract

In his conversation with Adam Teicher from ESPN, reigning NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes drew notice to the fact that despite his current contribution to the Kansas City Chiefs, the contract value was lagging behind. Mahomes said,

“You’ve got to keep the bar going; you got to keep it moving. Was Just trying to keep the market moving in the right direction, training in the right direction, so not only me but other quarterbacks and other positions can get paid the money that they deserve.”

An array of quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert, and Joe Burrow have entered into more lucrative deals with their respective teams. In such a scenario, Mahomes felt the responsibility to keep the bar high. Additionally, he recognizes the fact that his legacy will be defined by his game rather than the money he earned.

Mahomes further stated, “I’m glad that now I can just go out there and play football. You get that security, and I already had it, but just to get a little bump and then be able to go back out there and just play football, I’m excited for it.” Mahomes is grateful that he’s put the contract restructure talks to bed for good. He is more focused on the 2023 NFL season as the Kansas City Chiefs look to defend their title.

Patrick Mahomes Restructured His Contract to Prevent Other QBs From Getting Underpaid

Patrick is committed towards having a regret-free approach. He certainly values his impact on the game over money. Mahomes is currently taking a practical view, acknowledging that the significance of wealth cannot be undermined. However, his dedication lies in winning and making a positive impact. Mahomes recently told ESPN,

“The money is the money. It’s awesome. It’s amazing. I know I can do a lot of great things not only for myself but for people that have given me so much. But at the end of the day, I’m going to be looked back on how I played the game.”

Let’s look at a comparison of the contract structure of other established and notable QBs in the NFL. As per Spotrac, here are some other contract restructures that happened in the offseason.

  • Joe Burrow: 5-years, $275M
  • Justin Herbert: 5-years, $262.5M
  • Jalen Hurts: 5-years, $255M
  • Lamar Jackson: 5-years, $260M

Mahomes says, “I don’t want people to be negotiated against me, and so that’s the reason that you do something like I did this last week.” The move by Patrick Mahomes to restructure his contract isn’t just about personal gain. It’s about ensuring fair negotiations for future quarterbacks, contributing to the ongoing growth of the market.

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