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Patrick Mahomes Reveals ‘Real Reason To Care About Women’s Sports’ At 2024 TIME 100 Gala

Nidheesh Kumar

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes.

The Mahomes family has no shortage of athletes in the family. And yes, while Patrick is the most prominent of them all, there’s also Brittany who was a professional soccer player, and his half-sister Mia Randall is known for her versatile athletic ability. Patrick Mahomes is also part-owner of the female soccer team of Kansas, the Kansas City Current.

While the Mahomes family is incredibly supportive of women’s sports, its yet to have the kind of global support that is enjoyed by men’s sports. Patrick Mahomes talked about this disparity at the 2024 TIME100 Gala, and why it’s so important to care about women’s sports too. His message appears significant as it is coming out when women’s sport is growing leaps and bounds, especially in the US.

Even though Mahomes did not directly address the challenges in women’s sports in recent times such as the lack of sponsors, and broadcasting issues, his words echo an optimism that the women’s sport is growing in the right direction. 

The Chiefs QB1 called this change a ‘new era in sports’ and credited stars like A’ja Wilson and Coco Gauff for their role in the popularity of women’s sports. And what appeared special at the event, was his thought-provoking words on the evolution of women’s sports – which offered a fresh perspective on why a fan should follow women’s sports.

He denoted.,

“There was this well-meaning but patronizing idea that you should care about women’s sports because that aligns with your values. And sure, there is some merit to that. But the real reason you should care about women’s sports is because they are incredible.”

Interestingly, the words by Mahomes go in line with the efforts of his wife Brittany Mahomes to champion the growth of women athletes in soccer. The duo has performed several notable acts including the latest stadium venture, which aims to promote soccer culture among the women.

Patrick Mahomes Credits Brittany Mahomes For Support To Women’s Sports

Revisiting the contribution to women’s sports by the family, the Chiefs QB spoke about the Kansas City Current’s new $117M stadium. A passion project by Mahomes and Brittany, this stadium is the first in the world to be built specifically for their women’s pro team. Notably, the project kicked off last March and has impressed many including soccer star Lionel Messi.  

Mahomes shared these words about the project. 

“I am proud of the part my family has played in this movement. As a co-owner of the Kansas City Current, my wife Brittany is working hard to grow women’s soccer and broaden the path for the next generation. For young athletes like our daughter.”

Meanwhile, the Kansas City Current move denotes that the Mahomes family will continue to support women’s sports in the future to help it grow big. The support of a star like Patrick Mahomes is certainly a big boost for the growth of women’s sports in terms of marketability and revenue.  

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Nidheesh Kumar

Nidheesh Kumar


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