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“Patrick Mahomes Will Be The GOAT”: Chris Simms Backs Chiefs’ QB to Outshine Tom Brady Quite Soon

Arjun Sukumaran

Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs are riding high this season. A 7th consecutive division title, a confirmed playoff spot, and a real chance to lift the Super Bowl. All thanks to one particular player in their ranks, a simpleton whose actions literally speak louder than his words. And as their star man, QB Patrick Mahomes is setting himself up to claim not just the season MVP, but also the GOAT status, according to some.

One of those backing his meteoric rise to outshine the legendary Tom Brady is Fox Sports’ Chris Simms. Speaking on ‘The Carton Show’, Simms goes on about how he thinks Mahomes’ performances in his early years are pieces of evidence that he is to be the greatest player ever. Although Brady might have 7 Super Bowl rings, to Simms, that does not matter. For him, it’s what Mahomes can do, and what Brady cannot.

He says, “Right now, I know Tom is the GOAT, but Mahomes really is the greatest player in the NFL right now. And he will be the GOAT, over time here, in a short while. it won’t take that long. Will he [Mahomes] get as many Super Bowls as him [Brady]? Maybe, Maybe not. Doesn’t really matter. But he is doing things here, early in his career, that Tom Brady could never do, and will never do.”

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Kansas City Chiefs benefit from Patrick Mahomes bringing flair to his games

Simms goes on to talk about Mahomes. “Just the different ways he makes plays, the leadership. Everyone was talking about how Tyreek Hill leaving, going to Miami totally changed their team. I don’t know, I see Kansas City doing damn well. They look really good, they look really well-balanced,” he says.

Show host Craig Carton then chimes in with a really sound point. He says, “I think it’s generational, right? And there’s a recency bias obviously too. So I think if you take like your guy’s kids, Mahomes is gonna be the GOAT to them.”

Mahomes’ rise has been nothing short of meteoric. Having already established himself as one of the best in the league this season, and seasons before, it might just seem he is hungry for the GOAT title himself. Although he never speaks highly of himself, that humble nature might just be a sheepskin draping the wolf, snapping at Brady’s feet, waiting for the crown to fall onto his head.

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Arjun Sukumaran

Arjun Sukumaran


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