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“Patrick Mahomes Would Be So Embarrassed”: NFL Fans Blast Missouri Congressman For Saying That Refs Favored the Bengals During Conference Championship Game

Shubham Bhargav

Patrick Mahomes

The AFC Conference Championship game turned out to be an incredibly entertaining clash. Right from the beginning, till the very end, fans were on the edge of their seats as it was tough to predict a winner even when just a few minutes were remaining in the competition.

Moreover, the trash talk before the start of the game had also added the much needed spice to the competition. A few Bengals players had called ‘Arrowhead’ as ‘Burrowhead’ which apparently didn’t go down with a lot of Chiefs players and fans.

In fact, as soon as the contest ended, Chiefs T.E Travis Kelce yelled into the camera, “Burrowhead my a**.” While this was fine and the game was an entertaining one, what ended up attracting unanimous hate from the fans were the poor calls made by the refs.

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NFL fans are not happy with Missouri politician who thinks refs favored the Bengals during AFC Championship game

Several fans and even experts pointed out that the Bengals were unfortunate to miss out on a win as a couple of questionable calls by the refs ended up favoring the Chiefs to a massive extent. This even re-ignited the ‘NFL Rigged’ debate and people started coming up with theories to prove that the league wanted Mahomes’ army to win this clash.

However, as it turns out, a Missouri Congressman reckons that the refs were overwhelmingly favoring the Bengals during the AFC Championship game, but the Chiefs still managed to win convincingly purely because they were so great.

Despite having the referees against them the entire game, the chiefs made short work of the Bungles, I mean Bengals and sent them off to the offseason,” Mark Alford said during the Monday’s session of the U.S House of representatives.

“I hope Eli Apple has fun in Cancun. I also hope that Mayor Jabroni and the rest of the Cincinnati fan base learned a valuable lesson last night – it IS called Arrowhead,” he added.

As one can expect, his speech ended up attracting lot of hate online with many Chiefs fans apologizing to other NFL fans on the behalf of the politician. Many even stated that Mark didn’t watch the game for sure, otherwise, he wouldn’t have made this speech at all.

All in all, it is true that the Chiefs got a bit lucky as some calls went their way but we can’t do anything about it apart from demanding better officiating in the finale.

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