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“Scr*w Gisele”: Married Playboy Model Seeks Husband’s Permission To Help Tom Brady Move On From His Ex-Wife

Shubham Bhargav

Tom Brady and Sara Blake

Tom Brady has been through a lot lately, both, in his professional as well as personal life. After he decided to un-retire earlier this year, many were skeptical about how he will perform.

Their skepticism turned out to be true as Tom has been found wanting on several occasions this year. Although he has played a crucial role in guiding his side to a 5-5 recovery, it still wouldn’t be wrong to say that the GOAT has been far from his best.

As far as personal life is concerned, things really went awry for Tom this year. After he took an unprecedented 11-day break from Bucs’ practice this year, reports about growing misunderstandings between him and Gisele started emerging.

Soon after that, the celeb couple announced that they are parting ways. Post that, reports emerged that Gisele is allegedly going out with Jiu-Jitsu trainer Joaquim Valente.

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Married Playboy Model Wants To Help Tom Brady Move On After Divorce

Apparently, Tom isn’t pleased with Gisele moving on so quickly after their separation. As it turns out, a renowned Playboy model has decided to to help Tom move on from Gisele.

Sara Blake, who is actually married, recently said a few things about Brady in an interaction with NY Post. “I would have to essentially ask my husband for a hall pass,” she said.

“I’d be like, ‘Hey, what’s up, good looking? I love your chiseled jawline,’” Blake stated. She also went on to call him the greatest quarterback of all time.

Scr*w Gisele. That’s what I would probably say to Tom,” Blake further claimed before showering praise on the Tampa Bay QB for his incredible work ethic and physique. “Somebody that dedicated to their craft and their profession who wants to be the best and has that drive, that’s extremely attractive,” Blake added.

Several websites also came up with odds regarding who Tom will date next. Names like Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift made the list but as it turns out, many other celebs who weren’t included would also not mind dating the legendary QB.

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