Seven Michigan State Footballers Slapped With Criminal Charges Following Ugly Tunnel Brawl

Suyash Deep Sinha
|Published 24/11/2022

The Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office announced on Wednesday that seven Michigan State football players have been charged in connection with the post-game fistfight in the tunnel of Michigan Stadium last month.

Footballers, every once in a while, do end up engaging in physical violence outside of the time between the snap and the whistle. However, excessive violence is definitely outside the scope of the game and should not be ignored when it occurs.

This is exactly what happened to seven Michigan State football players after a violent fight with other players in the Lloyd Carr tunnel following Michigan’s 29-7 victory over MSU in Ann Arbor.

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Story Of The Infamous Tunnel Incident Involving The Michigan State Spartans

As reported by TMZ, two Michigan players, later identified as Ja’Den McBurrows and Gemon Green, were hit and kicked separately by several Michigan State players, as seen in the video.

Cornerback Khary Crump, Tank Brown, Zion Young, Angelo Grose, Justin White, Brandon Wright, and Jacoby Windmon were among those charged with crimes in connection with the Ann Arbor altercation.

Six were charged with misdemeanors. Only one, sophomore safety Khary Crump, was accused of assault and faces felony charges. Video captured him swinging his helmet in the direction of a Michigan player.

The prosecutor’s office released its findings on Wednesday afternoon following weeks of investigation by the Big Ten Conference, the University of Michigan police, and the Michigan State University police, as well as witness testimony.

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